Why You Need To Audit Your SQL Server Databases?

Posted by Levi Breretonl on May 22nd, 2018

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system well-recognized by majority of business entities, these days. There could easily be found most of the companies today making use of SQL Server databases in order to keep their important and sensitive business information. The main benefit of using SQL Server is that it can easily support JDBC and ODBC interfaces with so much ease. TDS protocol is also used in order to exchange data between Server and the client. Although, you would definitely find this Server really amazing in terms of choosing it as your database management system but you should also consider getting its proper auditing using an advanced audit tool. There are actually a number of benefits of performing SQL Server audit in favor of the database security. To perform best possible auditing of the databases, one should consider making use of an advanced and comprehensive data audit solution.

Whether you are looking forward to the best possible activity logging, traffic monitoring or database response registration, an audit tool can help you in the most effective way. The main purpose of using this tool is to monitor database activity 24/7. You would also be able find out harmful requests from the different sources by using an audit tool. User session information, errors and SQL requests codes can also be easily collected by using an advanced database audit tool. An audit component can surely help database administrators a lot in terms of finding out both outside attacks and insider data breaches or leaks. Database administrators wish to become able to track and log all events that usually occur within the database management system then using an audit tool can surely help them a lot to fulfill their purpose in the most effective way.

Apart from it, you would also find a database audit tool very helpful during the process of data leak investigation as well as database vulnerabilities analysis. SQL Server audit enables DBA’s to get detailed information about all database activities along with the database queries from both outside and authorized users. a data audit tool provide continuous monitoring of the entire database management systems that helps database administrators to reveal potential security vulnerabilities. More to the point, efficient architecture of the database audit tools not only saves time but also makes it very convenient to work with. So, what are you waiting for? Make choice of a competent database audit tool and keep your Server safe from multiple database security threats!

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