Benefits of SSL Certification

Posted by Mudassar Ali on May 22nd, 2018

The internet that we know today is not a safe place to be in. The humungous growth is acting as a nemesis when it comes to highlighting the issues we need to be addressed first. These problems are hiking every second with every leap of growth the digital world takes. From the cyberattacks to the identity thefts, a lot is happening here that we need to be safeguarded from. This is why having an SSL certification, and other means of data encryption protocols implemented as a part of regulations and policies is really crucial for us.

Be it the Windows or Linux; there is no denying the good having SSL certification can bring to your server. You can always give your website the much-needed security by using the free OS, Linux at any time. Head over to Letsencrypt Ubuntu for more information on how you can install the SSL for latest versions of Ubuntu today.

If you go back a few years, having SSL certified website was not a compulsion, but now it is. This is now a part of the security technology and needs to be implemented for all websites, especially the ones that feature online transaction. So, if you want your websites to be considered legit, this is one protocol you shouldn’t be missing out on.

Encrypts data
When a browser connects to a server, data and relevant user information are exchanged as part of the protocol. In fact, any computer that lies in between the server and browser can use this opportunity to gain access to your credit card information and other personal data. With SSL certification, you can rest assured that all the data flow as a result of this handshake is fully encrypted and cannot be read on by anyone else.

Protection from cyber attacks
Cybercrimes are real, and they pose a pressing problem for the digital world we all are connected by. From the individuals to small businesses and huge enterprises, nobody is safe anymore. Not only do they sabotage the integrity but also concur huge losses to the industry. As per speculation, by 2021, the world would have faced over trillion worth of losses due to cybersecurity. SSL certification is just one of the many ways to protect your data and give you a safe pathway to carry out your activities in.

Google ranking
The biggest search engine has its algorithm modified to ensure that it rewards the websites that are following this policy. The links that are SSL certified are ranked higher than the ones that aren’t.

Build trust
The padlock symbol on the browser is now associated with brand power and trust for the users. We feel safer being on websites that are SSL certified than the ones that aren’t. So, as long as you get to see a green address bar with the address link, rest assured that you are in safe territory.

So, make sure to get your website SSL certified before getting flagged by Google and damaging your brand.

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