Dragonera Island

Posted by Catalunya Casas on May 23rd, 2018

Located in the south west corner of Majorca, Dragonera island is a must visit spot for anyone with a passion for nature, walks and breath-taking views. Its highest hill is Pico Popi, making it easily climbable for novice walkers. At only 3,200 in length and 500 in width at its widest point, you need no more than a day to explore the whole island. 


If you don’t have a Mallorca private villa rental nearby, Dragonera is still very accessible. The easiest way to reach it is if you have a hire car, which you can drive directly to Sant Elm and catch the boat. After a ten-minute taxi ride you will the shores, and what greats you is quite impressive. Many people believe that its name comes from the thousands of lizards that call the island their home, when actually it is due to its rocky coastline vaguely resembling that of a dragon.  

Upon arriving in the natural port, you will have a choice between four clearly marked trails, each varying in length. One takes you on a short walk on lower ground, one to the northern most tip and one to the southern, and then the longest route will take you up the winding path up Pico Popi, but you can rest assured that all will reward you with some spectacular walks along the way. 

 The island is made up of 362 different species of plant, 18 of which are actually endemic to the Balearic Islands. The wall lizard is also endemic, and interestingly cannot be found anywhere else in the world.  

The closest towns for you to get a Mallorca villa rental is either the town of Saint Elm itself, or Port d’Andraxt. But due to the relatively small size of the island, you shouldn’t have too much trouble reaching it no matter where your accommodation in Mallorca is located. 

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