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Are you tired of this hook-up oriented dating culture? Swiping left and right in search of that instant gratification that comes from getting a new “match”? Are you tired of pitching all your hopes that this one new match will finally be the one who saves you from the dating app black hole that takes over your life and make you actually want to give a relationship a go?


But the same cycle just gets played on repeat. You chat for a while, meet up for the first date, only to be fed the same old first date chat that, after the first few times, loses it’s charm and is more likely to be yawn inducing than make you go weak at the knees, then there’s the awkward attempted kiss in the carpark at the end of the date, you agree to a second date or third, only for it to fall flat and fizzle out. So the whole, exhausting cycle begins again!

There is an alternative to this traditional relationship searching. If you’ve had enough of chasing the dream of a meaningful relationship, having your energy sucked dry in the process, giving too much and it never being reciprocated, maybe it’s time to consider something different, something that puts you in control and something that rewards you in the process. Maybe it’s time to consider becoming a Sugar Baby?

When you look into the sugar baby community what you’ll find is a group of happy, empowered women. Women who have set out their boundaries, laid out their needs and are having them met through their relationship with their Sugar Daddy. All this without the drama of a traditional relationship. The wealthy men and women they date are offering monthly allowances, designer handbags, 5 star luxury holidays and paying for university education, in exchange for great company, a sympathetic ear and fun.

So what’s the catch to the sugaring lifestyle you might ask? Well the catch is that although you get the monetary, material benefits, mutual respect, amazing experiences and fun from this mutually beneficial relationship, it doesn’t often come with the things that most women often desire the most, commitment, love and marriage. If you feel that you are at a stage in your life where you can but those traditional desires to one side for the time being in exchange for something completely different, then maybe you should try sugar dating. 

Making your entrance into the world of sugar dating may seem daunting. We suggest you do your research. Make good use of Sugar dating blogs like SugarTalk to give you that all important insight into what it takes to become a sugar baby, how to bag your ideal sugar daddy and how to negotiate your arrangement with your sugar. Armed with the right information you should feel confident stepping into the sugar bowl.

Sugar dating doesn’t have to be a long term thing. Those traditional values and wants from a conventional relationship may take over the desire to pursue this alternative relationship, you do you baby, you’re in control. However long you choose this lifestyle for, enjoy it for what it is, a glamourous, stress free relationship that could give you a lifestyle you could only dream of and stepping stone to an incredible future even beyond the word of sugar dating.

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