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New to the Sugar Baby scene? It can seem a little daunting at first as it’s likely a different experience to the conventional dates that you may be used to. So with this in mind we’ve gathered together a list of helpful etiquette hints that our most successful sugar babies have noted as the key to snapping up your Sugar.



A well timed trip to use the ladies, just around the time that the bill for the dinner or drinks arrives at the table relieves any awkwardness for both parties. Yes the general assumption is that of course he would be picking up the tab, however, it’s much more pleasant to saunter back from the bathroom and be able to say “thank you” rather than sit there and watch him dig his cash out.


Just as it’s polite not to have your head in your phone when you’re socialising in general, when you’re with your Sugar keep your attention on them and not on your Instagram feed or the goings on in your BBF’s WhatsApp group chat! It may be classed a disrespectful to not even be able to give your Sugar Daddy your full attention for the duration of your date! So keep your phone in your bag

This may be harder if you’re traveling with your Sugar and in that case it’d be expected that you could make discreet phone calls or texts to friends and family, but not in his presence, always pick your time well, maybe when he’s on the phone too or a quick text or call from the bathroom.


Create the impression of a strong, mature and independent woman, don’t rely on him for everything. Carry your own bags, offer help when appropriate, and don’t be too needy. I promise this will work in your favour. He doesn’t want a spoiled brat so don’t give him one, the more you give off the air of an independent woman, the more he won’t be able to resist. Don’t expect that he’ll want or be able to spend every second of the day with you or chatting on the phone with you, he’s a busy, successful guy, this requires his attention also and you should be mindful of that. With that in mind if you join him on trips away, don’t be afraid to express your independence, maybe suggest that you’re looking forward to dinner with him that evening and that you’re going to spend the day shopping…you might just be rewarded!


This is a big one! It’d be very sensible indeed to stress from the outset that his privacy is something you respect deeply and they you’re here to offer him a break from his busy, stressful reality and not give him one more issue to contend with. Trust me, he’ll appreciate this much more than awkward conversation starters!

This comes with the territory of dating a Sugar Daddy…many of them are married, this requires extra vigilance on your part to ensure you’re sensitive to this. This may entail you never contacting him first, wait for him to make the contact and ensure him that you’re going to be a benefit to his life and not a hindrance.


You’ll get to know what works with your guy. The true art to getting what you want is to know your guy and choose your words. Don’t outright ask for cash or beg, that’s really not attractive. Find what works for you, using words such as gift instead of pay, arrangement or mutually benefiting are all much more subtle ways of appealing to him.

You will of course need to sort out what your arrangement is going to be before diving into a relationship with an SD, yes these guy’s know what kind of arrangement they’re letting themselves in for, but be clear from the start what your expectations are. Be tasteful and eloquent with your choice of wording, suggest what your goals are and future plans, this is more likely to inspire him to want to help you financially, if he know you’re mature, passionate and driven and not just a spoiled brat. However there’s nothing wrong with tactfully suggesting that you’re going shopping for a new dress or need a new pair of heels…the key is subtly and giving him a need to fill. Test the waters tentatively at first and see what works for you.


In general these types of relationships are no strings attached arrangements, which means you shouldn’t be bringing your baggage into them. This guy is with you for a break from his reality so venting out your trivial issues on him, that don’t bare any meaning to him, is not really appropriate and most probably won’t be appreciated. This can also be flipped round to his side of the equation too. Don’t pry into his personal life unless he opens up and wants to talk. This could cause an awkward situation for him and you want him to feel relieved and at ease with you. This is the best gift you could give him.


This is where you have to use your intuition…know the boundaries set out just above but realise that he may want to talk. Don’t become his councillor, that’s not your place, your job is to be open, available and listen, sympathise and support him, but stay away from advice. You may find this part difficult entering into a relationship with a Sugar Daddy.

Above all, always say Thank you!

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