Can You Elderly Hero Please Have A Donkey Mount in ESO

Posted by Richard Betts on May 24th, 2018

She's a tough old biddy, having decided to pick up her staff one more time and clean up this mess the world has turned into despite being in her late 70's - she has grandchildren to think of after all! Now she has a lovely horse she traded for to carry her around, but he's awfully big, and some days its a bit hard for her to scramble onto his back - rainy days are the hardest when her joints are aching something terrible, although she will admit the horse salve sometimes helps her too.

She's eyed a donkey or two, they look a mite shorter, and seem awfully smart to her, even tempered to boot! Unfortunately none of the farmers she has talked to were willing to part with them, said they use them to protect their flocks, fancy that? So while she is out wandering the world, fighting the good fight, healing on the side and on those awful rainy days hold up in a tavern telling stories and sometimes baking cookies, she's keeping an eye out and ear to the ground for tale of a donkey for sale!

- Ironically enough I've never RP'd in ESO or any mmorpg, but I create little back stories for my characters in my head, and every time I see my old little sorcerer granny up on a big horse it just looks... wrong. It's silly I know, but hey, I figured if nothing else it might make people smile or even laugh :P I doubt ZOS will read it but it was fun to write!

- I support you on this. Im the same way, never RPed but all my characters have backstories. My old lady breton templar is perfectly happy on her dwaven spider as shes always been obsessed with ancient machinations of any kind BUT i could totally see her keeping a donkey as a second mount :)

- She has considered the guars but doesn't quite trust them, she had the ill luck of stumbling across a feral guar in her younger years while ahem... bathing, quite nakedly, in a small pond... and was chased up a tree, still just as naked. Young, shocked and rather quite embarrassed, and nowhere near as fluent in the arcane as she is now, she struggled to fight the guar from her precarious position. It was a band of young Argonian hunters who came across the scene who, well, saved her - much to her relief! But also to dismay as she had to climb down from the tree naked and embarrassed.

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