Can Vaping Be the Future of Pot in America?

Posted by steve7876 on May 24th, 2018

2017 was a much better year for cannabis die-hard users than anyone was expecting. After years of steady progress on marijuana legalization, about 90% of the country now supports the medical use and 8 states have legalized recreational use. Today, with the country’s biggest state about to begin recreational sales, legal pot is clearly here to stay.

The days of rolling joints are coming to an end

Yes, more and more marijuana lovers are choosing to consume it electronically. But why? One chief reason for many of the pot users, including recreational smokers switching to vaporizers, is for health reasons. Vaping devices are certainly becoming more popular, in the United States and elsewhere. It is also a far easier and more modern way to consume cannabis. One simply has to buy plant matter or a small cartridge of oil. It depends on the vaping device. Then, you load it into an inexpensive pen, and you’re ready to go.

Doctors deem vaping safer than smoking

This is one of the major reasons why law framers in Minnesota adopted their no-toking rule. They wanted to pacify a conservative medical community that was highly against the use of medical marijuana. In New York, similar concerns arose and they were included in the law at the persistence of Cuomo.

What makes vaping safer? It is chiefly because they produce a water vapor rather than smoke. While it is hot and may cause coughing, supporters and several healthcare providers believe the vapor is less likely to damage the lungs, throat, mouth or larynx.

Versatility and Convenience

Just like the co-founder of Vaportronix, a leading company in the emerging cannabis industry stated the industry is going in the direction of versatility, convenience, and of course discretion.

The goal of vape companies is to offer the best experience to users. It also includes creating new cartridges and keeping up with industry demands.


Cannabis oils, in particular, have increased in popularity since the laws that allow adult cannabis use continues to pass in the USA. One reason for its popularity is they are inexpensive.

Juice punk Companies like Bloom Farms and Dark Heart are ground-breaking leaders in California, in the cannabis oil market, the largest state economy in the US. And their products are not expensive, easy-to-use and crowd-friendly.

The Future

Thanks to the loosening of laws in the U.S. and Canada, the future of the cannabis vaping industry is already emerging. In an industry where there isn’t a lot of history to fall back on, companies are already combating for market share. They are trying to find a way and figuring out the best means to satisfy the customer by meeting their demands.

The good news is, when there is more competition, there will be a variety of choices and better options when it comes to vaping. It is only going to benefit cannabis consumers.

Considering everything including the relaxation of the cannabis law and the health benefits of vaping, one can safely say, the vaping is the future of pot in the USA.

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