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Posted by Delicia on May 24th, 2018

Delicia fulfill Its promise of making food accessible and affordable plus total elimination food wastage

Our reluctance to following some simple steps to prevent wastage of food is becoming an act of sin now. We, very irresponsibly are tossing life-saving food it bins as if it is of no good use for no one. The food we are wasting weighs billions of tons. And, the amount of food not being used to satisfy global hunger is epidemically increasing. When you and one of your mates go out for an evening stroll and discussing how hard it is becoming to breathe in the polluted air of the city, the waste food in a garbage heap on the outskirts of your city is also blameworthy for this.

The waste food, or to be more precise, the unutilized fruits, packaged foods and other food products hotels and restaurants loading in garbage trucks, that food they got rid of is the third biggest source of the greenhouse gases. We are wasting one-third of the food being produced worldwide. It is 1.3 billion tons a year. That is a huge amount of food the modern well-educated and well-civilized human knowingly or unknowingly squandering here and there. Any idea how many people we can feed on if this massive amount of food is utilized smartly? Every single human walking on the face of the earth!

That’s true. The toughest people, our hardworking farmers are producing enough to feed the entire world. However, still, there are millions losing their lives in the dire need of food. The global hunger crisis is growing more severe due to the current global refugee crisis.

There is only one simple solution to this serious problem. Simply purchase, prepare, serve, eat and throw wisely. With a little helping hand offered by the latest technology, we can smartly save a huge amount of unutilized food and route it to those who can address their needs with this food. We can use Delicia to put an end to this problem up to the hilt.

What Is Delicia?

It is a smart and Blockchain technology driven technology that not only aims to eliminate wastage of food but also makes it accessible and affordable for needy. Presently, Delicia is designed to ensure proper food utilization in hotels, restaurants and food retailers. However, soon in near future, everyone will be able prevent wastage of food with the help of Delicia.

In order to make sure that they can serve every guest; they prepare and purchase an extra amount of food. Sometimes, this extra food remains unsold. They cannot preserve perishable foods for long. They will either have to sell it or send it to the landfill. Delicia quickly finds potential buyers so that the restaurant or hotel can sell excess stock of perishable and near expiry packaged food.

Here Is How Delicia Will Help

Delicia is a Blockchain technology powered technology developed to prevent wastage of food and make food more accessible and affordable. Some random hotel in a random city overestimated the need for food and hence purchased or prepared more than required. Some other restaurant in the same city underestimated the number of customers and hence not had enough to serve every single customer. So, both restaurants are not in good situations. One restaurant has food but there is no one to buy. The other restaurant has customers but not enough to serve all orders.

Both restaurants are in the same city. The one running out of stock can demand and the other can supply. They just need a common platform where they can express their needs and find someone who can address their needs.

Delicia facilitates them with everything they need to route unutilized food from the supplier (the restaurant having excess stock) to the consumer (the restaurant that needs food urgently). And, you might have noticed, that’s a direct deal between the supplier and the consumer. There is no middleman to turn this deal into a long supply chain.

AI And Smart Algorithms in Action

Perishable and soon to expire food items must be sold with no delay. Spoiled and expired food remains of no use for anyone. So, Delicia deploys the latest developed smart algorithm and advanced artificial intelligence to ensure fast processing of the order and transaction between the supplier and consumer.

Both Delicia mobile app and Delicia web portal come with an easy to use interface. It is very easy for the supplier to advertise the food products he is willing to sell. He just has to publish the quantity, quality, expiry date, brand and other details of the food he is putting up for sale. The smart-algorithm and AI will help him in performing real-time location-based search in order to find a potential buyer.

Similarly, the restaurant and hotel in need of food can use the user interface of Delicia to advertise their needs. The restaurant makes use of the advanced real-time location-based search to find nearby hotels having excess and near expiry food products for sale.

The AI and smart algorithms used in this global Blockchain powered food chain network study food search, demand and supply, preference and other patterns to optimize search and quickly find a supplier who can address the exact needs of the buyer.

Smart Contract and Delicia Food Token

Since Delicia is a Blockchain powered global food network, it takes advantage of smart contracts to make sure that no party seals the deal with unfair means. The executable smart contract leaves no room for fraud. Apart from this, Delicia also makes use of its own cryptocurrency DFT in all transactions eliminating all shortcomings of the fiat currency.

So, Delicia is smart, fast, efficient, secure and also very easy to use. The best part is, it utilizes the food that will decay in the landfill if left unutilized.

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