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Posted by ankush Nikam on May 25th, 2018


Marshmallow root has been used historically in the regions of Egypt, Greece, and Italy to treat infections and improving digestion. It is often used in herbal or natural medicine as antitussive and has properties of mucilage which helps in decreasing irritation of the throat, and reduce swelling in the lymph nodes. These properties of this herbal extract have been popularized in the recent past and has attracted a large population. Consumers are increasingly focused on the natural and herbal aspects of medicines and this has led to a push in demand for new herbal remedies. Herbal medicine manufacturers and marketers have further supplemented the demand by adopting the pull strategy, wherein herbal products are showcased and marketed on popular social media where the benefits of these extracts are quickly circulated. Apart from its medicinal use the root extract is also used in beverages, desserts, cosmetic creams, and lozenges.    

Marshmallow Root Extract Market Segmentation

Marshmallow Root extract is segmented on the basis of application, form, distribution channel and region. Based on its applications, marshmallow root extract as: Food Industry, Beverages, Cosmetics and Herbal Medicine. Major market is cover by the medical applications as an herbal extract however the rise in premium cosmetics has led to a significant growth in demand for the herbal cosmetics and the market for the same is also estimated to witness a high growth rate. The variety in forms have been created to cater to the specific formulation need and on the basis of form, marshmallow root extract is segmented as liquid extract and powder extract. Marshmallow root extract is also segmented based on its distribution channel as: online retail, supermarkets/hypermarkets, pharmacy stores and specialty stores including natural food and cosmetic stores. Among which, sales through the Internet is expected to grow which is due to the increasing popularity of the natural and herbal products on social media. Specialty stores are also expected to increase its revenue shares over the forecast period due to the increase in number of establishments in Western European and North American region.

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On the basis of region the marshmallow root extract is segmented as Asia Pacific, North America, Japan Western Europe and Middle East. Japan with its high share in demand attributed to the vast popularity of traditional medicine and its benefits has attracted exporters worldwide and the wide acceptance of herbal health products in other developed countries like the United States, Canada, France and the U.K., has created a powering demand and thus it is expected to show an accelerated growth in the forecast period.

Marshmallow Root Extract Global Market Trends and Market Drivers:

The growth of herbal healthcare market remains persistent due to its appeal as healthy and safe to use products. The sedentary lifestyle among people is creating an ever increasing demand for health and wellness promoting supplements. Marshmallow root extract with its natural no side effect USP has gained attention from the health conscious population, furthermore the consumer centric approach in treatment of disease has led to a boom in the herbal product market; consumers looking for a safer alternative to pharmaceutical medicines have approached herbal products.

Consumer’s preferences are noticeably on a shift towards the herbal beauty products, marshmallow root extract constitute such ingredient and is therefore expected to rise at a significant CAGR in terms of value and volume during the forecast period. The natural products offer a wide acceptance in use as cosmetic products attributed to the all-natural extract formulation. The application in cosmetics is anticipated to grow due to the increased awareness among consumers regarding the safety in use of the naturally derive herbal products and wide spread commercialization on benefits of natural cosmetic ingredients and finished products. 

Marshmallow Root Extract Market Key Players:

The market for marshmallow root extract is small but promising and thus manufacturers have to adapt a product development and diversification strategies.  Some of the key players in the market for marshmallow root extract market are: Jiaherb, Inc., Martin Bauer Group, Nutra Green Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Nature's Way Products, LLC. Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary Inc., Swanson Health Products, among others. 

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