Commercial Carpet Cleaning - Shampooing

Posted by Carpet Cleaning Dublin on May 27th, 2018

Commercial Carpet Cleaning - shampooing

The most popular types of carpet cleaning services are dry carpet cleaning and extraction carpet cleaning systems or carpet shampooing. Both types are very effective but in today article we will talk about carpet shampooing.

Carpet Cleaning Dublin is one of the most popular commercial carpet cleaning company in Ireland. This company was established in 2007 and it owns high quality commercial carpet cleaning machines from Prochem. Those commercial carpet cleaning machines are fitted with very powerful solution pumps and twin three stages extraction motors. More extraction power equal faster drying times. More powerful pumps equal finest steam being injected right on the stain.

Our company specialise in deep commercial carpet cleaning services and stain removing operations. We actually deal with a number of other local carpet cleaning companies that are contacting us regular to help them out with more complicate projects. Deep cleaning a commercial carpet to a nearly new condition requires a lot of knowledge and top of the range carpet cleaning equipment. A commercial carpet cleaning project will be done in three easy stages:

  1. Pre-spray - we will pre-spray the whole carpet with high quality traffic lane cleaners from Prochem or Craftex. Our amazing traffic lane cleaners can be very powerful & medium active. A low power traffic lane cleaner will have a PH of around 4-8 while a powerful universal traffic lane cleaner will have a PH 12+. The point of a traffic lane cleaner is to soften up dirt a prepare the carpet for cleaning.

  2. Agitation - the traffic lane cleaner will soften up most of the dirt but to break the dirt in small parts and to facilitate easy removal, we will use low speed floor buffers & soft brushes. In some cases we will will use bonnetts as well.

  3. Extraction - we will extract the dirt with our powerful commercial carpet cleaning equipment. In average, over 90% of the moist will be extracted instant while the other 10% left will evaporate within 1 hour. We believe that the extraction carpet cleaning system is the most efficient way of cleaning commercial carpets.

Deodorising - our company uses two types of commercial carpet cleaning shampoos. Deodorised carpet cleaning shampoo and perfume free carpet cleaning shampoo. Some of our customers are looking for powerful odour neutralisers while others want the carpet cleaned with perfume free carpet cleaning shampoos.

Carpet treatments & spot removal - most commercial carpet cleaning projects are hassle free and easy to do. Some carpet cleaning projects are a nightmare. Hundreds of stains, all different, requiring treatment. There is no magic bullet so each stain has to be treated individual. Our company uses stain removers & treatments from Craftex.

Commercial carpet cleaning projects are being priced per square meter. Bigger the project less costs per square meter. We are happy to provide you with a no obligation quotation for commercial carpet cleaning. Book our services online and receive 10% discount. We can guarantee you 1 hour drying times and eco friendly carpet cleaning shampoos. Special fabric protectors can be used if the customer is requesting it.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Dublin

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