Behaviors that Sharpen your Leadership Abilities

Posted by amrinaalshaikh on May 27th, 2018

Leadership abilities are more vital to business success than any new technology or innovative solution. But the term leadership mean many things and leadership abilities are of many sorts. Hence it is essential to break leadership abilities into practical activities to understand that leadership is much more. A new book, ‘The Leadership Challenge’ talks about ten specific behaviors any business leader must have; they are as follows:

  1. Leaders break significant problems into smaller tasks. They initiate experiments such that they do not hamper more vital functions of the system. You have to create a winning climate by segregation of tasks that helps in making step by step progress towards goal. Being a leader, you must induce personal fulfilment in your team members and not fear.
  2. Leaders build relationships. Trust is a critical factor and a key to productive relationships with peers, customers and team members. Establish trust and relationship by sharing your thoughts and showing concern for your team.
  3. Leaders work in the present, but keep an eye on the future too. You need to be aware of the new advancements in your industry as you go about your day to day work. Your leadership abilities gets developed by reading and thinking. You must show passion.
  4. Leaders engage others in shared aspirations. A leader is someone who fixes a goal and leads a team to achieve it. It is crucial for you as a leader to ignite passion and engage your team members towards achieving a shared goal.
  5. Leaders have their own values and they have the humility to understand the same of their team members. It is required for you to have a set of values—beliefs, ethics and ideals. You must then also understand the values of your team members. On those shared values of your team and you does your working relationship rely.
  6. Leaders lead by actions. You have established shared values with respect to your team, but it will make no difference until you compliment them with your actions. Your team follows your steps. How you spend your time and what questions you ask determine the path taken by your organisation. You must give proper feedback to your team members and guide your team to success.
  7. A leader has to be appreciative of his/her team members. The best leader sets clear goals, expects the best outcome, provides feedback and is always grateful to particular individuals. A simple, timely thank you goes a long way in employee satisfaction.
  8. A well-known paradox of relationships is that you become powerful by transferring power to others. Leaders develop competence in their teams making the team members strong.
  9. Good leaders do not miss a chance to celebrate victories. They celebrate the spirit of the community by finding or creating occasions. Leaders get involved in celebrations and recognition events.
  10. Leadership is about going out of the way in delivering tasks. It is about innovation, using new methods, making otherwise tricky things happen and rewarding new initiatives taken by team members. It involves taking risks and promoting diverse perspectives.

Such leadership behaviors develop the leadership abilities that make a profound difference in team’s commitment and motivation, its work performance, and eventually success of the company.

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