How BIN Database helps in preventing Fraudulent Transactions

Posted by rohny01 on May 28th, 2018

Bank Identification Number of BIN is a unique number that is used to authorize or approve a credit card, debit card or gift card. First six digits on a credit card are known to be the BIN of that card. BIN is a tool that ensures safe online transactions by preventing credit card frauds. You can integrate BIN checker with your business to verify credit cards and other types of cards. You can easily install BN checker along with a BIN database at your work place to avoid fraudulent transactions. 

A Binbase or BIN Database is a collection of thousands of BIN arranged according to specific criteria. You can call it a reference of all the Bank Identification Numbers with hundreds of record maintained to assist people. The effectiveness of fight against credit card frauds also depends upon the authenticity and accuracy of Binbase. According to database mangers, hundred percent accuracy of a binbase database is not possible. However, it must be at least 99 percent accurate to return the results precisely.

A collection of reliable and trustworthy data from different sources creates a Binbase. Binbase data is collected from the online merchants and credit collectors through scanned copies of plastic bankcards or credit cards. The accuracy of the data depends upon the reliability and comprehensiveness of the sources from where data is collected for Binbase.

Different Binbases use different structure to store data in binbase software. Most of the databases use a format of eleven fields separated with semicolons. The first field of Binbase structure represents the actual BIN. The second field is used to store the brand of the card such as VISA, Master, and American Express etc. the third field of Binbase is subjected to show the issuing organization such as the name of the binbase bank that has issued the card. The forth field represents the type of the card such as debit card or credit card. Fifth, sixth and seventh fields of Binbase structure represent the category of the card, ISO name of the issuing country and the ISO A2 code of the issuing country respectively. Eighth and ninth field show the ISO A3 code of the country issuing credit or debit card and ISO number of the issuing country respectively. Tenth field contains the URL of the issuing company or issuing bank. The last or eleventh field of Binbase phone number of the card-issuing bank.

A binbase checker is the software that controls the Binbase and helps in effective usage of the database. You can use this software for review and list all the records present in BIN database. The binbase software works in a quite simple way where you have to enter the BIN to be searched in the search box and the software present the binbase list in front of the user related to that particular BIN. In order to check or authorize binbase number you can download Binbase from a number of binbase download websites over the Internet. In short if you are looking for the Binbase review then you are at right place.

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