War Poem - Lost Portrait of Heaven

Posted by Arcane Manuscripts on May 29th, 2018

The ‘Lost Portrait of Heaven’ is a war poem that came to my mind amidst the rising war tensions and killings around us all. We are all part of this war without even understanding what exactly it is; for this world was supposed to be heaven but instead we chose to fill it with hate and misery.

This burnt land is here for you to take
I no longer walk through it
For we have done what we can
Its time now to let go

We scarred this world
We fucked this world
We have caused this world to bleed
Bleed to its death

It’s so bad that we sit back and enjoy
Without the knowledge of how the devil consumes us;
We kill our brothers
We kill our sisters
We kill our mothers
We kill our fathers
And in the end, we kill ourself.

This world is now filled with blood
Blood of humans, washed by the tears we shed

This burnt land has had enough;
It has been raped to death
Thus I no longer wanna be a part of it.
This burnt land has had enough;
It is yours to take
Thus I no longer have any hope of saving it
It is now in the hands of the (human) devils

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