Climate Change and Sea Level Rise

Posted by morganolivia924 on May 29th, 2018

An increasingly warm climate could weaken sea currents like the Gulf Stream and bring a more continental climate like we have it in Russia to Western Europe. A breakdown of this sea current could happen suddenly making the European climate more susceptible to sudden changes. On the other side of the globe we have another weather phenomenon linked to climate change: El Ninjo. It causes humid airmasses to reach the West of the Andes which there effect in enormous precipitations on a geographically relatively small area causing extreme floods and landslides. On the other side of the sea current reversed by El Ninjo we will have more freuquent draughts in Australia, SouthEast-Asia, India and East-Africa by the monsoon staying away. However global warming does not only have a devastating impact on weather phenomena making up our climate but it directly accounts to an increase in sea levels. People have already been displaced from some tropical island paradises that do not step up any higher over the sea level. However if the increase in sea level continues many costal areas giving place to some of the world`s biggest cities like Shanghai, New York or Amsterdam are at risk.

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