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Posted by Fluper on May 29th, 2018

“Remember the sci-fi flick I, ROBOT; the year 2036 is going to be a different world. The protagonist, who doesn’t like robots, is getting help from the Super Computer VIKI in order to get humanity safe. Will Smith, played the lead role, which shows cold-shoulder to the humanoids, it has a perfect example of machine learning and conflicts with human.”

Well, this is too early to say whether there would be any such thing in future or not. As of now, things are getter better with machine learning and supporting human I day-to-day activities. Interestingly, the machine learning is the only technology, which helps technology closer to human intelligence. Machine learning is the section of Artificial Intelligence – AI that uses the learning and implements within the environment of human living. We have supercomputers, Smartphone, Personal Assistance devices, and robots; all of these use the technology Machine Learning.

Machine learning is new to the world, especially when, you go for future-ready opportunities. Machine learning is there in mobile applications too. Mobile devices are smarter and it has the real meaning too. The apps are the life of your Smartphone and it started implementing the use of machine learning in it. Machine learning is on target for iPhone app development Company as well Android application development company. Whether iOS or Android; both want their users to experience the best with it. ML is already there for us; have you ever noticed, if you play a romantic track on YouTube, it starts recommending similar tracks. This is just an example of machine learning.

Your Google Assistant and Siri are there, the perfect example of AI and machine learning. Machine learning can enhance the user experience in the mobile apps. It learns from the users experience and behavior in the form of patterns. Which later uses by devices for better utilization. This is the high time when technology will take a turn with machine learning. Let’s have a look what machine learning can do for mobile apps.

Personalize or customize user experience

Machine learning has the first thing to do is give you a personalize solution. Mobile apps has a complete different features here as being the personalize one for user. The search on a particular app depends upon the user group. Let’s say a young kid with search rhyme on YouTube app where as an elder one will prefer latest songs. Now, the machine learning for YouTube will figure out the similar search for them.

Finding the trends

This is an effective factor in machine learning and mobile apps, that it helps them to find the trend. The example of e-commerce apps is perfect here; their marketers have to forecast the trend. Machine learning can be a great help here. With help of machine learning, one can easily track what would be the mood of buyers and then they can prepare strategies accordingly.

Healthcare industry

This would be a miraculous use of machine learning in the healthcare industry. Healthcare is one of the most sensitive and essential section of a human. The machine learning could be a great help for better health services. Let’s say, a hospital keeps track of a huge number of cancer patients. They also have the symptoms and various behaviors of patients to identify whether they have the critical or extreme problem. This collection of data of apps is helpful in healthcare. Rather keep searching for the significant symptoms, doctors can easily match it with the previous data and get the answer instantly.

Security and fraud alert

Machine learning has the capability of understanding is beyond conventional. In case, a user finds it difficult to keep account safe and secure; the machine learning can easily understand the way a genuine user use it, this could be with any manner of working. Sometimes a certain pattern as a user entering the first letter in Caps lock or a using the incorrect password in one go. If the pattern gets changed or any anonymous activity then it will alert the user and it could be the savior. This is the responsibility of developers, both iPhone app development Company as a well Android application development company to make sure for a better security.

We can conclude it, that there are ways to utilize the machine learning for a better lifestyle, security of users and more productivity with it. Machine learning is comparative more accurate with human as there are no chances to miss it and behavioral learning could be easier to track. Machine learning in mobile app development is checking-in, there could be some innovative ideas with it.

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