Getting around the Dominican Republic

Posted by Caribbean Casas on May 29th, 2018

There is so much to see in the Dominican Republic, sometimes staying in one place is not always the best option. Some people chose to hire multiple villas in the Dominican Republic and take an epic road trip!

Getting around the Dominican Republic

There are various forms of public transport on offer around the country, as well as relatively cheap and spacious taxis. If you are travelling anywhere long distance, then the best option would be to catch one of the many first-class buses. This is one of the comfiest forms of transportation, and are modern, clean and air conditioned, plus the majority of the time they have a toilet! For example, if you want to travel for Santa Domingo to the northern coast, this is a good option.


If you are looking for a cheap way to travel, then the best form of transport to use would be a Guagua. These are vans that are filled with multiple rows of seats. You are likely to see them driving round everywhere, so you simply have to find one heading in the direction that you want to go and flag it down. Be aware though, it is likely that you will be pretty squashed, so best not plan longer journeys using one of these!

In most of the big cities, like Santo Domingo, these are relatively easy to find. Usually the cars are pretty old fashions and may not even have seat belts, but you are able to bargain about the price and could get quite a good deal if you are prepared to haggle for it.

Getting around the Dominican Republic

Private Van

This is probably the most expensive option that you will find, but equally the most comfortable. You can arrange a journey with the van in advance, be picked up from your villa in the Dominican Republic, and have the whole this to yourself. It is best if you choose this option if there is a larger group of you, because then you will be able to split the cost.

Car rental
Renting a car will give you a sense of freedom that can’t always be achieved when using public transport.

Organised tours
If you know where you want to go, and it is a popular place, it is very likely that you will be able to find an organised tour where you can go as a group. These tours are often the easiest and least stressful, because you can be picked up at your Dominican Republic vacation rental and be taken directly to the town or attraction with a knowledgeable guide. You may even get food and entrance fees extras in addition to the transportation.

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