Why Buying The Right Pollution Mask Is So Important?

Posted by yashi ganguly on May 29th, 2018

Every problem comes with an opportunity for some people. Sometimes unscrupulous persons take advantage of the panic and make a fast buck. This indeed happened in China, when the pollution levels rose in Beijing people were gasping for air and looking for solutions. They were sold surgical masks in the name of anti-pollution masks which provided no respite from the pollution they not only wasted their money on buying products which were not worth it but also risked their lives.

Choosing a right anti-pollution mask is indeed easy as well as difficult, depending upon your awareness about anti-pollution masks and your requirements; what are the conditions in which you would be using your mask, the purpose and its application and many other factors which must be taken into account.

Let’s rundown on the types of mask that are available in the market today and analyze which one is best suited for you. The first and the most readily available mask in the market is the surgical mask which is used by medical professional for various purposes. They are good to ward off pathogens but utterly useless when it comes to pollution as they are not designed for that purpose. The second types of masks which are available are industrial masks they are heavy duty and designed to withstand industrial pollution including toxic gases.

Though they are effective in dealing with the pollution but are cumbersome, costly and simply not suited for daily use.

The third type of masks being sold as anti-pollution masks are respirators which are designed to filter out the particulate matter of the order of PM 2.5 which is the most damaging to our health and can be reused. These indeed are the mask we should be wearing when air quality drops below acceptable levels.

When you order an anti-pollution mask online or buy it off the shelf you need to be careful about the brand you are buying as not all anti-pollution masks are created equal. Always look for N 99 Mask in India which provides 99.99 percent protection from PM 2.5. Similarly also look for vendor’s reputation. Nirvana Being is one company which has earned a good reputation in providing anti-pollution gadgets through its website nirvanabeing.com. Also, make sure that the N99 Mask in India is a good fit for your face as loose would be useless. Vogmask is a good brand to go for which comes in stylish designs and also offers additional protection from pathogens through an activated carbon filter and is also provided with a valve to exhale which reduces your effort.

Another product that Nirvana being is marketing is Bobble Bottle in India. Indeed it is a good solution to providing pure drinking water on the go. It filters the tap water anywhere and gives you a virtually limitless supply of drinking water in remote areas when you go on a tour or picnic. It is indeed a great invention for children who can carry it with them to filter their own water.  

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