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Posted by akirait on May 29th, 2018

Some say web designing is very easy and can be learnt by everyone. Yes,  web designing can be learnt by everyone, but would not agree on it being an easy task. The amount of new techniques getting introduced every day has made the task of professional web designers really daunting.

There are a lot of training material and resources for amateur web designers who want to learn designing. Then, there are also people who want to design websites, but would rather like to use some designing tools than learning each and every aspect. Considering these few points, Here mentioning few online training resources and also some free software that would help web designers to learn as well as improve their web designing.

Online Training Resources for Web Designers:

TeamTreeHouse.Com: Treehouse is offering web design training in HTML and CSS through its video-based service. It also helps in creating iOS applications using Objective-C and XCode all wrapped up in easy to navigate interface. The excellent video quality and professionally produced content has also a subscription charge for its services.It also has an element built which also tests your knowledge and rewards with achievement badges which helps as motivation to continue learning with fun.

W3Schools.Com: Unlike other colorful and attractive sites, W3Schools looks a bit boring. But don't go by its look. It provides a steady progression of interactive tutorials for beginners in the most basic lessons in HTML and CSS. Its plain and simple language is appealing and appreciable. You also get your hands working on a live site which helps in better practical understanding.There has been some criticism of this site, pointing few technical errors in some of its lessons. Still it is the most straight-forward and easy start for a beginner.

DontFearTheInternet.Com:The name of this site itself pulls a lot of visitors. The site is not only visited by professional designers, but also by those who have little or no interest in designing. This site had an aim that small business owners do not have to hire designers from expensive web design companies. Instead, they can build their own sites. The site has short tutorials about basic WordPress blogs, CSS, HTML and even some PHP. Donations to this site are welcomed although the use of this site is completely free.

Codecademy.Com: Codecademy provides the easiest way to learn coding and has a great reputation among professionals. This site engages users in interactive way by allowing them to build games and apps. Codecademy also keeps their learners motivated by giving them regular badges while completing training modules.

Tools and Software for Web Designers:


This is an excellent piece of open source software and supports a number of programming languages. It has an enormous list of syntax and can build full software applications in JAVA and C++.

NetBeans.Org: This is a free development software for Windows, Linux and Mac. This software also supports plenty of syntax and also some third party frameworks of JAVA, C++ and PHP. The software has bilingual supportive feature which makes it helpful for programmers all over the world.

Filezilla-Project.Org:You can design and develop a site, but cannot publish it without pushing the files on a server. Filezilla is the best choice for Windows users when they need to use FTP access.

Cyberduck.Ch:Cyberduck is the best free FTP software. It can be easily downloaded on your computer from the Mac App Store. It is also available for Windows users if you feel that Filezilla is not working well enough.The article was written by Anupam Janwasia from TalentsFromIndia. We have experienced offshore web designers providing affordable web design.

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