Kitchen Floor Remodeling Trends

Posted by Michael Griffin on May 29th, 2018

Kitchen floors are major design statements. The choices for the patterns, colors and textures are endless. The flooring also affects the other elements in the overall decor of your kitchen. Here are 4 trending flooring designs which you can try for remodeling your kitchen-

  1. Bamboo

What we see today, is an explosion of colors and styles.  When it comes to flooring, bamboo has been in the card for many years. Although a grass, bamboo when dried is harder than wood. Strand woven bamboos are highly engineered products. They are even twice as harder than traditional bamboo flooring. Bamboos are a great replacement for the classic hardwoods. It is available in wide plank styles. As it is naturally light in color, you can very well carbonize it for a darker look. Overall, carbonized bamboo floorings are much softer than the natural bamboo flooring.

Add ons-

  • Bamboo floorings have a contemporary look.
  • Bamboo floorings are easier to clean
  • Bamboo floorings are DIY friendly

Kitchen remodeling

   2. Cork

It is one of the finest floorings to walk on comfortably. The acoustic insulated quality floorings are definitely a much better option than the traditional hardwood or tiles. The large palette of color options has made it even more appealing. After having gone through the factory finishes, they also turn out to be more durable. But you do need to make sure that you flooring does not catch moisture or is directly exposed to sunlight.

Add ons-

  • The extraction process of corks does not harm trees.
  • It performs very well under heavy furnishing.
  • It provides a warm walking surface.

   3.Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl is all about high end looking vinyl with the durability of vinyl. A realistic looking flooring of the wood like variety that has nothing to do with the sticky surface as otherwise thought of.  This flooring would naturally fits into any kitchen. These floorings are a cheaper alternative to the natural wood floorings that give you a real look. You also do not have to worry about moisture. Vinyl flooring has a everlasting longevity in the market place be it any year. It is the ‘to go’ flooring for your kitchen. It has a visual beauty to that of a hardware floor and also the durability you may be searching for. For those looking for wood tiles almost replicating wood, vinyl flooring will give you the effect of it. Give your kitchen that extra feel of boldness with vinyl flooring.

Add ons-

  • They are soft and can tolerate conditions which even the floorings they mimic cannot.
  • Stain and scratch free.
  • Water resistant

   4.Hardwood flooring

American hardwood never goes out of style. It is timeless and classic. It adds a natural beauty to your kitchen because of the rich details in the craftsmanship. The wood is not very comfortable for anyone to stand on it for a longer period of time. This is not a big deal as it can be easily overcome by using some mats or rugs. Not just the kitchen floors, this serves as a definite seamless look for your entire house which can also be painted later on to get fresh looks.

Add ons-

  • They are easy to clean as they do not accumulate a lot of dirt and dust.
  • Provides an elegant and aesthetic look.
  • They mimic the look of spaciousness when installed.

Kitchen flooring is crucial as there a lot of important pointers to keep in mind while going for one. Select the flooring first and then proceed towards the colors and finishes that coordinate. Go for the ones that suit your requirement and style. Add character and style to your kitchen and bring out the best in it by choosing the right floorings that also matches with the hues of your mood.

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