Common Blunders that?s KILLING Your Grass N DEGRADING Your Lawn

Posted by Ron William on May 29th, 2018

Almost every homeowner wants the look of their lush green lawns to sustain for as long as possible. With the grass being green, healthy and organised; there’s nothing more what one can ask for. Not only does it serves as the perfect playground or kids, but also proves to be an ideal spot for relaxing solely or entertaining oneself with friends or cousins.

However, the reality of it is that the grass, in order to stay green and lively, needs proper maintenance! Some tend to choose the DIY method, and that is where they (even though intentionally) make huge blunders. And that degrades the appeal of their lawn/garden and even makes their grass yellow, scruffy and horrendous.

Here’s an opportunity to make things right and restore that regal lush green appeal of the backyard or front lawn. Go through some of those common blunders with utmost attention.

BLUNDER 1: Inappropriate Mowing Method

One of the commonest mistakes which many homeowners make with their garden maintenance is following inappropriate methods of mowing. They consider it to be a mere child's play and try doing it themselves. In the process, they mistakenly mow the shorter grass and hamper its growing habit.

Due to wrong mowing approach, the grass loses its density and permits more growth of weed. After a period, the grass becomes untidy in appearance.

BLUNDER 2:  Excessive or Scarcity of Watering

Next in this list includes wrong watering technique. Most homeowners don’t know exactly how much watering should be done to their grass and plants. The common mistake which they make is either over watering or under watering it.

Usually, the best time to water these plants is early morning or in the afternoon- giving the grass enough time to dry off before nightfall.

BLUNDER 3: Blunt Blades That Cause Bruises On the Grass

One of the biggest mistakes that homemakers commit is using blunt blades for cutting overgrown grass strays. Blunt blades are known to cause bruises on the grass and hamper its normal growth. Plus it also gives rise to insects, diseases and even some diseases.

The worst case scenario is when these insects, diseases and weed start spreading through the garden and hampering the other existing plants.

BLUNDER 4: Indecent Fertilising of Their Lawn

Improper fertilising of the lawn can also hamper the natural growth rate of the existing grass. Due to excessive heat and occasional downpours, the soil nutrients are leached away from the soil. To restore the nutrient content, one needs to fertilise their gardens (lightly not excessively) in every couple of months.

Hiring Garden Maintenance Pros:

If is always perky to have experienced garden maintenance experts in Liverpool to handle all your lawn upkeeping operations. These professionals will bring in the right mowing and grass cutting tools to ensure the whole lawn is trimmed and maintained uniformly.

They know how to deal with different types of gardens, have a precise idea of how much watering is needed or how much fertilisers should be sprayed on the grassy surface. Furthermore, they are well aware of the proper mowing technique, removing (and controlling) insects and pests from hampering the lawn.

Finally, you can rely on these professionals for handling weeding and pruning operations, soil analysing and other necessary landscaping tasks. They will diligently handle everything without causing any more blunders.

There’s the best bet when it comes to restoring the lost aesthetics of the garden and boosting up the property value. So, find a trust-worthy garden maintenance and grass cutting specialist in Liverpool and discuss all requirements and expectations.

Resource Box: The author is a licensed garden maintenance and grass cutting specialist in Liverpool and has performed numerous operations both for commercial and residential properties. The author also has posted numerous blogs concerning this and also knows a great deal about experienced garden maintenance experts in Liverpool.

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