Tips to Complete RuneScape Solak with Up to 9% off runescape gold Until June 8

Posted by Maggie on May 30th, 2018

Now,you can take part in the 60th Player Gallery ,So let's get all informations and runescape gold about it.On top of the blast that is Solak, we also have a whole list of fixes, improvements and more in the patch notes, which, as always, you can read in full here.

The RuneScape Solak Celebration:Up to 9% off OSRS Gold&RuneScape gold on Rsorder with code ST18 Until June 8 !

You have until June 3rd to receive Cherry Blossom items when buying a RuneCoin bundle. Four items will be available via these bundles, including a fabulous Cherry Blossom parasol! Purchase RuneCoins.It goes without saying a ton of time has gone into Solak and we most of all hope you enjoy it, we can't say it enough how much we value your feedback so please let us know how you're getting on with the update!

Some detailed informations

If you are interested, you can post your artwork on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with SolakGallery. At the same time, you can also send your work to the RuneScape team via, which must include your RSN. Above all, please remember the deadline for this activity is the 17th of June.

The theme of this player gallery is about guardian of Grove, which is for the upcoming new boss RuneScape Solak. All of you can think of fighting, lore, a lot of green, maybe a kind of wood floor to create your brilliant artwork

Some rewards

There are some brilliant prizes for those who submit the brilliant artwork.
1.The top 10 entries will win a month of free membership;
2.The 3rd place will get 3 Bonds;
3.The 2nd place will win a month of free membership, 3 Bonds and 400 RuneCoins.
4.The grand prize is the unique 3D-printed, hand-painted Solak figurine along with the above ones.

Welcome to -rsorder here you can buy Old School Runescape Gold . We have billions of runescape gold for sale. So do you have the desire to buy runescape gold fast under the help of 24/7 live chat help?Gold member? Taking on Solak? Well with Premium club, members can receive Lost Grove Mushrooms from the Guardian of the Vault, granting them 5 penalty free deaths when attempting to take down Solak! Remember though, you need the mushroom in your inventory for when you die! He's going to be a challenge!

The RuneScape Solak Celebration:Up to 9% off OSRS Gold&RuneScape gold on Rsorder with code ST18 Until June 8 !Snap by in time!

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