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Yes, you can smell luxurious with perfumes & deodorants under 300

Posted by mukesh on May 30th, 2018

The inexpensive deodorants do not smell good is a myth. The quality of a perfume cannot be measured by the price tag. Some like deodorant fragrances which are strong, others light and there are those who wear scents just for the sake of it. So, if you are wondering whether you can smell luxurious with perfumes and deodorants under 300? Yes, you can.
Read on to find out few of the important fragrance facts where we try to debunk some myths:-

1.   Perfume notes combination

Perfumes or men’s deodorant brands are made of different notes. There are top notes, middle notes and base notes. These notes of different varieties when combined together form a perfume/deodorant fragrance. It is these notes which separate the smell of one fragrance with the other. Thus, it helps us to understand that how much high may the perfume/ deodorant prices be,  it does not have any significance if you don’t like note combination and the aroma that it emanates.

2.   Alcohol amount
The concentration of alcohol in a perfume or deodorant varies for different brands. This affects the nature of the fragrance. The perfumes with a high percentage of alcohol get evaporated quickly but at the same time, these types have a very strong scent.

The low percentage of alcohol means long-lasting deodorants. They usually last more than the perfume type mentioned above. Both of these deodorant kinds are available in the market.  Therefore, if you buy deodorants for men under 200 or 300, it doesn’t mean that the fragrance is not good.

It is these factors mentioned above that differentiate fragrances from each other and not the price. India’s own ittar or attar used for centuries is a good case in point which is both luxurious and inexpensive mostly. People from all walks of life use it daily for every occasion. The prices may vary for different brands but the love for attar remains intact among consumers.

Few additional tips to smell luxurious using deodorants under 300

3.   Perfume Layering
This is one of the best ways to smell luxurious and sumptuous. Through perfume layering, you can use a strong fragrance scent and a light one together. This will give out a perfect mixture of intriguing smell with best of both scent types working together.  You can buy many deodorants which are under 300 and smell absolutely amazing with perfume layering.

4.   Apply at pulse points
Another way to smell luxurious and breathtaking is to apply deodorants at right parts of your body. It is advised that you can apply them at pulse points which would smell better and far because of the heat emitted at the parts.

Which are some of the occasions where you can use the Best deodorants for men under 200?
You can wear these deodorant scents for the following:-

·   Outing with friends
The best occasion to wear strong deodorants is when you go out with friends for a movie or for a Saturday night fun in a pub. These deodorant types smell really good and dominate but for a shorter period of time.  So, you can always wear this deodorant type and enjoy the evenings easily.

·    Outdoor activities
If you are a sports enthusiast, you should use deodorants which are natural and strong in nature. You can wear this before and after the play time to feel refreshed and revitalized all day long. The sweat due to summer heat can also be resisted using deodorant scents with sweat control formulation.
If you are looking for a sweat control deodorant, you can use the special Triclosan formula based deodorants at Lyla Blanc. 

·     Visiting relatives
There are always reasons to visit relatives and friends because of so many festivals that we celebrate. Therefore, draping yourself with stunning fragrances is a must. You can feel confident and amazing by applying the deodorant fragrances at such occasions.

·         To and fro journeys
At times, you have to make sudden and unplanned journeys. A deodorant is a handy utility in such instances. The tiresome travelling can be made better with the good smelling deodorant fragrances.

These are some useful tips and points to know about the deodorants and its use.
You can best deodorants for men under 200 and best deodorants for women under 200 at Lyla Blanc. The online perfume shop provides amazing discounts and offers that help you save big. 

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