What are water meters and types of the device available?

Posted by David Harper on May 30th, 2018

Water Meter is a device that is utilised to measure the amount of water consumption in any commercial or residential area. It is commonly used in the developed countries and can be used as well or any other kind of water system. There are different types of water meter available. It varies according to the flow rate of the water, the requirement of the end user, the flow measurement system and the accuracy required for measuring the consumption level.

Points to consider while choosing the device

It is essential to choose the right water meter that shall help control and measure the water flow. A perfect water meter system uses a spring water valve that usually prevents the reverse rotation of the flow of the water and correctly measures the water consumption. By the use of the spring valve, the flow of the normal water is also not hampered. If you are using an electronic water meter device, then ensure that the magnetic field created by the same does not affect the meter reading.

In addition to this, it is also important to ensure that the water metre device has the potential to withstand any change in the environmental condition. In case of extremely cold weather, there is a possibility that the water meter pipe might burst. While installing the system, make sure that a good quality meter box is installed such that it does not let water in. Therefore, this shall also help to prevent freezing or bursting during winter seasons.

Types of meters

The water meters are categorised into two basic types namely velocity meters and Positive Displacement Meters.

  • Displacement meter – It helps to measure the quantity of liquid that flows within any small unit. The meter operates by filling and then emptying the unit constantly. Based on the number of times the unit is emptied and filled, the flow rate of the water is calculated. There is a disc fitted inside the meter which is also helpful in recording the volume of water flowing through the device.
  • Velocity Meters –It helps in measuring the velocity of the water flow, and further it also helps to calculate the quantity of water flowing.

With the advent of technology, many business organisations and municipalities are planning to install remote water meter systemthat helps save both time and money. Therefore, it is also essential to keep the useful parts of the water meter system under regular to prevent it from malfunctioning.

Therefore, having a reliable meter system that helps to record the quantity of water flow is essential. To maintain the eco-friendly world, lower the consumption of water and saving it is important. It also curbs the overage of water consumption where necessary.

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