RuneScape Solak Boss Celebration:Up to 9% off rsgold for you Until June 8

Posted by Maggie on May 31st, 2018

Solak, the Grove Guardian is one of the Guardians of Guthix ,As one of the strongest bosses in game.Now,let's learn all details.Solak can be fought at The Lost Grove,First,you should head to the Lost Grove RuneScape and talk to Merethiel by the centre circle.Defeating Solak is required for The Reaper title which remains required for the completionist cape, and it is a requirement for rs gold the Final Boss and Insane Final Boss titles.

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Solak releases with two dedicated modes

Group mode is capped to 7 players - if you're daring, and wish to take less than 7, this will be an incredibly enduring challenge, giving incredible satisfaction to teams that complete their first kill.Duo Mode, as the name suggests is for teams of 2. Expect the same mechanics as Group mode, scaled down a little - this will be just as challenging as group mode, and we're very much looking forward to seeing how teams get on!

Some rewards you can get:

Defeating Solak will have a chance to win special rewards. Among them, RuneScape blightbound is the strongest player in the game and requires Level 92 Ranged to use it. Here is some very rare drops:Erethdor’s grimoire,Imbued bark shard,Merethiel’s stave,Purple mushroom,Cinderbane gloves,Blightbound crossbow,Off-hand Blightbound crossbow.

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