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Posted by yashi ganguly on May 31st, 2018

Today, if you explore the long scrolls of human history, magically you will find everyone in shape. But comparing it to us today's people, how is this even possible! Just imagine what legacy we are leaving behind as ancestors. It’s funny to think maybe our new generation would consider us slim for their time. It would be devastating for humanity on multiple levels. To prevent this from happening, necessary steps need to be taken. Junk food should be binned, carbonated drinks should be carbon dates as antiques, and humanity needs to create tolerance towards sugar. Along with that, the healthy practice of yoga should be adopted by the entire globe. We know some section of our population is highly driven to fitness, but not everyone is a fan of lifting weights. However, a yoga session helps you feel the flexibility, balance in your mind, and effective berthing just after a few days. Gyming would take a lifetime to just get you in shape alone.

If we think about the reason behind such a drastic change, only one name would strike our brain- Poor lifestyle. Bad eating habits are the reason behind every minor and major discomfort in our body. Bad food and alcohol have become a staple part of our lives today. Alcohol severely harms our liver and immunity, and bad food impairs with our digestion system sparking an array of health issues in our body.

We know its hard to let go of something you have been practicing from your childhood, but it is necessary for your own good. Not to brag, but yoga truly is the key to let go of these addictions. Yoga will release the hidden pain from your joints, stretch your libs, increase flexibility and enhance your overall mental and physical stress.

The best thing about yoga is that with a little assistance you can practice it right at your home. It happens to be an effective overall body workout and a meditation session which will just take an hour of your time. The best time to do yoga is in the morning, in an open atmosphere like a park or a terrace, where your lungs can vacuum in the fresh air. You can also join a group yoga session, where you can relate to like-minded people and truly connect to the art. Yoga centers keep wholesale yoga supplies and provide it for rent or for free for their members. Yoga gear can genuinely help in your rookie tenure. Yoga mats, protective pads, sweatpants, acupressure gear, yoga straps etc. are wholesale yoga supplies which they keep. You can buy these accessories for your private sessions at home as well and in fact, it is advised to do so, as there is no professional supervision at home.

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