Are You Using the Right Tooth Whitening Gel Product?

Posted by BrighterWhite on June 1st, 2018

A while back, if you needed to have stains removed from your teeth you had to go to a dentist to perform a dental procedure on you. The visit to a dentist is one of the effective means of checking the growth and elimination of tooth stains. However, one drawback for many people has always been the long hours required to have the procedure done. Also these procedures are quite expensive.

To counter these drawbacks, teeth whitening products were introduced to the market and they have become quite popular because they are cheaper options and are very easy to use. These days, buyers are inundated with different teeth whitening products which promise users the same positive effects of whitening teeth at home like they get after going under a dentist’s knife. In the midst of all the multiple choices buyers have, picking the right whitening gels can be a challenge.

There are different gel products on the market but they all have different specifications and mode of applications. Whitening teeth at home should not be a hard task and based on buyers’ reviews and expert advice, the best whitening gel products contain carbamide peroxide, custom-made mouth trays, and whitening pens. If you want to be sure that the whitening gel product you are using is the right one, here are some important things to look out for.

Some important components of a whitening gel product that is right for you are mentioned below:

•    Oxide solutions

Whitening gels generally contain carbamide peroxide which is used to wear down stubborn stains and decays. When they are applied and kept in contact with the teeth, they gradually wear down these ugly stains and discoloration. Due to the toxicity of peroxide solutions, whitening gels come in two different concentrations. A low concentration whitening gel contains peroxide of about 10% or less while a high concentration gel contains 15% to 20% peroxide solution.

•    Custom-made mouth trays

Some whitening products may be packaged with a generic mouth tray which fits all teeth sizes but may not be suitable for everyone. A custom-made tray is best because it fits the user better than a generic one. If you are buying a whitening gel product, ensure you pick one with a custom mouth tray that suits your tooth size as this will make the use of whitening gel products very comfortable for you.

•    Whitening pens

There are tiny spots and crevices in your teeth which toothbrushes can’t seem to access however hard we try. Pens are very effective instruments for reaching such spots to get at stains and decays in those parts of our teeth. The pen contains the oxidizing solutions (e.g. carbamide peroxide) which is applied in those tiny spots to ensure a perfect bleaching process.

•    Minimal/ No side effects

The bleaching peroxide solutions contained in whitening products can have varying side effects on users. Some users may suffer from sensitive teeth after use or swollen gums. You need to check buyer reviews or consult a dental expert to pick a good whitening product for you.

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