Best Apartmen in Jakarta Pusat For Long and Short Stay

Posted by zaradavid on June 1st, 2018

There is no doubt that new launch condo or studio is one of the smartest investment options for buyers looking at property that will give a good return on investment while also serving as a good home in the long run. In the past, people would advise against buying new properties as it would be more expensive than properties that are pre-owned. However, discerning property buyers and investors understand that this is a misconception. The Jakarta property market is thriving like never before, throwing open a wide range of options in the condominium market that are exciting and attractive.
There are several advantages of buying an apartemen Jakarta Pusat over other older properties. For one, in a new condo, you can buy the exact kind of property or unit that matches your requirements. There are also considerable financial advantages to buying a new condo. Since the developer pays the commission, there is no buyer’s commission that is usually payable to agents when you are in the market for an older property. It is also possible to buy directly from the developer, which will be considerably lower than a property which is put up on the resale market.

An apartemen Menteng is also the best place to start a new life as it is brand new and a blank slate. You can furnish it and renovate it anyway you choose that is limited only by your creativity and imagination. With older properties, there is often a limitation on what you can do to get it aligned closer to your dream.

In Jakarta, you can opt for a freehold property or a leasehold property. If you buy a condo in Jakarta that is a leasehold property, you get the advantage of being able to enjoy the duration of the leasehold in full from the time that you move into the property. A four years holding time is available, with the seller stamp duty as applicable, if you should choose to sell the property within a duration of four years from the time of purchase.

Another advantage of buying a new condo is that developers usually are legally obliged to carry out any repairs if there are defects in the property that have been noticed by the buyer, usually within a month of noticing them.

There are some planning regions in Jakarta, each with its own advantages and hot properties. Each of these planning regions has specific districts of their own. It would be wise to check out condos which are in planning regions that are closer to your place of work or where educational institutions are established, if you have a family or are planning on starting one.

Buying a condo is a good investment both in the short term as well as the long term even if you are not planning on staying there.

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