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Havana Airport is the main place for the Cuba airlines like Cubana de aviation and aerogaviota and also it also handles more than 25 airlines. It is called Havana airport but the original name of this airport is The Jose Marti International Airport. The very popular cubian poet Jose Marti memory the name placed for Havana airport. Havana is the capital city of Cuba. That’s why the airport is called another name of Cuba Airport Havana. This airport is very busiest and very population airport.

The airport has four terminal and freight terminal

Havana airport terminal 1

It is used to be the domestic terminal. It is built on 1998.when the terminal 2 and 3 built it became domestic. The terminal is placed on the west side of runway6.

Havana airport terminal 2

 It is used for us charters only. When the passengers move from Cuba to US or US to Cuba the passengers use this terminal. The terminal was built in 1988. It is located in north side of runway24.

Havana airport terminal 3

It is very biggest and more attractive terminal. It was built by the prime minister of Canada and Fidel Castro. In 1998 the work was built by that time prime minister Jean Chretien. It has 25 airlines which include 30 countries uses this airport. It is located in half way down of runway 24.

Havana airport terminal 4

 It is called Caribbean terminal. It is majorly used for aerocaribbean which is the combination of domestic and regional flights, The another one use is aerotaxis which is used for domestic flights. This terminal is located on the south side of the airfield.

Freight terminal

This terminal was built in 2002. It mainly deals with cargo. The capacity of this terminal is high. It has full gas control. The terminal has two refrigerators and freezing chambers.

Another benefit of this airport is there is a bus facility between these terminal and airport entrance. From 30 minutes from the airport, there is small airport which is the domestic airport. It is a distinct airport that is not the terminal airport.

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