Short Hair, Big Trouble

Posted by Adele Hair on June 1st, 2018

I bet the moment all you long haired people read the heading of this article, you started snickering and smirking, rolling your eyes, thinking ‘as if’ all the while running your hands through your long locks, tossing and flipping them over your shoulders.

And I, on behalf of everyone with short hair, once and for all, would like to set the record straight. People with short hair have as much trouble managing and caring for their hair, if not more, as people with medium length or long hair.

How you ask?

To begin with, it’s near impossible to get them up while washing one’s face – While everyone else quickly ties them up, short-haired people have to devise a plan to keep their hair off their face for a mere 5 minutes so they can wash their face.

Although it takes so much less time, shampoo and conditioner to wash one’s hair, it takes  equal amount of time, if not more and hair products to get them right and though the plan was to retire the flatiron and curling iron, sadly, it is still needed.

It was completely a new look, made you like a whole new person but after a couple of weeks, maybe a month one realizes, there is only one way they can wear their hair and its going to take quite some time and patience for that to change.

Though, if you are really in need of some long hair and don’t or can’t wait for yours to grow, you can use some tape in or clip in hair extensions for a quick fix. Easy to put in, even easier to take out.

A lot of people make the mistake of cutting their hair short to stay cool during the summer. While it may help you feel a little lighter, until and unless you are going for a pixie cut all your short hair are going to do is get all sweaty and stick to your neck and forehead, ruining your hairstyle and making you feel even hotter than before (you cut your hair) when you had the option of buns, braids, ponytails.

Sometimes hair is cut short by mistake, a mistake made by an angry, rebelling teenager, by a broken-hearted girl or a post-partum woman still under the influence of hormones. Once they have simmered down, it’s too late.

To correct this wrong, maybe you can use a long-term solution like stick tip hair extensions or micro loop hair extensions. However, you will need professional help to put them in.

It’s outright time consuming, not only when you have to tease, twist and use a ton of hair products to put that hair in their place but soon you realize that for your new chic hairstyle to work, you need much more frequent visits to your hairstylist.

By now, you are hosting a requiem of the dream of saving money on hair products and salon visits.

Your neck is sunburned in summers and frost bitten in winters. Now you got to spend even more money on scarves.

After trolling the internet for weeks, if not months, when you do manage to find a hairstyle possible with your hair length, you need twice as much hair product, bobby pins and time.

I think it must be clear by now how hard short haired people have got it. So, all you long haired people out there, be sympathetic and stop flipping, your hair, in their face. For all you know, one day, sooner rather than later, you might find yourself as one of them.

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