The Benefits Of Kayaking For Health

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Kayaking is an excellent way to keep fit and lose weight while practicing whitewater rafting or cruising along the surface of a beautiful and smooth sea, this sport works hard every muscle of your body, while you change around 400 calories per hour.

Kayaking is often overlooked as a good form of exercise, but with so many health benefits this really should not be the case. Kayaking increases strength improves fitness and helps with flexibility with very little impact. This means that you can enjoy your time in the water without feeling though you have worked at all.

There are some different ways you can practice kayaking, either as a soloist or as part of a group; both are equally pleasant. It is very easy to spend hours and hours kayaking, and it is never long before the new kayakers realize what they have been missing. If you are considering taking the kayak or need some convincing that it is really as beneficial as we say, read on.

These Are The Main Health Benefits That Come With Kayaking:

It's good for Cardio:

We have all heard that cardio is key when it comes to staying healthy and, fortunately, kayaking is great for improving the health of your cardiovascular system. Cardiovascular health is improved with each stroke and continuous movement of the paddle, and so, as with all cardiovascular exercises, as the heart rate increases the heart and the lungs become stronger and more efficient. Even those who are accustomed to the level of activity required by the kayak can benefit by increasing the period of time spent in the water, increasing the pace or testing an area that requires more paddling.

Reduce stress levels

A busy job and home life can see you suffering with stress and exercise is one of the best ways to reduce this. Kayaking reduces stress levels much more than other sports, simply because it benefits your mind and body at the same time. In addition to making your body move, the kayak allows you to explore calm waters and quiet areas. It is this level of calm that is difficult to find with other occupations. In addition, it is difficult to overcome the relaxing sounds of the outdoors.

Keeps emotions under control

We all know that emotions can run from time to time and that it is not always easy to focus to feel calm and collected; this is where he kayaks. The kayak offers a state of meditation for many since its high levels of peace and tranquility create a sense of serenity. More, it is difficult to think of negative worries or thoughts when there is all nature to explore.

Losing weight and increasing endurance

Impressively, kayaking can increase your endurance and this can help you live a more active life. Lifestyle in general. In addition, with all the extra movement and work done by your muscles, you will probably notice that you lose weight and gain strength.

Improve and tone the central muscles

Although it seems that you only work the muscles of the arms when you paddle in a kayak, all your core muscles are also being used. When you are using a kayak, the central area of your body needs to work hard to turn the kayak and make sure to maintain balance and use its power.

This means that it leads to toned muscles in the legs, chest, shoulders and upper body, as well as defined muscles in the arms.

You tone and strengthen Abdominals and Legs

As you have read above, the kayak works with many muscles that you may not have noticed: include your abs As paddling a kayak requires that you move the paddle from side to side, the muscles are resolved This leads to abdominal muscles that are more toned, defined and strong.

Applying pressure with the legs against the inside of the kayak also helps to rotate and

Balance it and, as such, the continuous contraction of your leg muscles acts as an isometric exercise that increases the strength and tone of your legs.

Improve your mental health

In the same way that kayaking reduces a person's stress levels; it can improve their mental health. By making your mind and body work together, the kayak helps you feel more connected to yourself. Exercising in this way increases "positive" chemical production in the body and this in turn increases confidence, mood and well-being. Also, there is rarely time for unwanted or negative thoughts when you are focusing on being the best kayaker you can be.

The challenges you face in being in the water, along with the mindfulness of being so close to nature, delivers and encourage a sense of well-being that has little comparison with any other outdoor activity. The possibility of covering the type of distances and exploring the type of environment and different environments offered by the kayak, whether in a lake, river, sea or ocean, will expand your horizons, literally!

Develops the general strength of the body

As mentioned earlier, kayaking has an impressive effect on the body and its strength. However, this is not limited to the arms, legs and core muscles. In fact, there are very few parts of the body that do not get stronger through frequent kayaking. If you are looking to strengthen your thighs or tone your lower part, the kayak could be what is needed.

It is an alternative to aerobic workouts

It is often said that aerobic workouts are some of the best workouts you can do for your body; This is because they reduce sugar levels, improve heart health, reduce cholesterol levels, decrease blood pressure and strengthen your lungs. However, not everyone likes aerobic workouts, what is the answer? The Kayak! The kayak is ideal and is a great alternative to other aerobic workouts.

Create a better you

Finally, and possibly the most important, the kayak makes you more fit. Whether you're looking to lose a few extra kilos or want to maintain your current weight, kayaking is ideal. When you're kayaking, you burn a lot of calories and it's relatively easy to kayak for a few hours at a time, they add up quickly.

Low impact training

The good thing about kayaking is that you can achieve excellent low-impact training without inflicting the same afflictions that other high-impact fitness activities can cause your body, such as hammering your knees can be the result of excessive performance. This does not only mean that it is a great option for people who have problems with their hips or knees, but it is also a great activity to introduce into their exercise routine along with other high impact activities to provide a good balance of their regular exercise regimen and reduce the long-term potential effects.

Excellent complement

This would be particularly true if you were training for an event such as a Marathon, Triathlon or an Iron Man competition. Introducing the kayak in your training regime would help to work and tone areas of your body in preparation for the final hardcore tournament, the whole tournament.

For example, paddling and performing a good solid blow when kayak will incorporate each muscle in the upper body, at 3 mph, in an hour you can expect to achieve about 1,500 low-impact repetitions, training and toning of the upper body. So, check out the wide range of leisure, fishing and sea kayaks available in the market.

By introducing this spectacular sport into your regular exercise regimen, you will not only reap the extensive physical rewards that it will bring to the table, but you will also enjoy the opportunity to explore waters, land and offshore and embrace this new and exciting challenge that will take your physical and the mental world to a whole new level!

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