When you're camping cooking can be easy

Posted by Thomas on June 1st, 2018

When you're camping cooking can be easy. If you've followed my advice on the other pages in this site you already know that in order to make it easy you need to have the right tools. For me the right tools are a good set of cookware, a decent camp stove, and the right food.

When I'm camping and hiking, cooking is easily one of my favorite activities. I love to do anything on the trail but cooking (and eating) are easily my favorite things to do. I'm not sure if it's the idea of being away from everything and everybody, using psuedo "survival skills", or if it's just because I get the chance to use the camping equipment the way it's meant to be used. Either way, I love cooking on the trail. If you want to visit a site for more info about water sports visit beachpliz.

I mentioned above having the proper equipment. I really think that when you have the right tools for the job things are easier for you and when you're camping cooking is easier if you have the right tools and have a bit of a meal plan.

You can cook over the open fire of course. In some peoples' mind that is what camping is all about. I agree with this thought to a point. I certainly love the flavour of things that have been cooked on an open flame but to be honest, I just don't find it practical. My experience with this type of cooking is that it is dirty, difficult to clean and can be difficult to cook your food properly. This is because a fires' heat is difficult to control.

Don't get me wrong, I do cook this way from time to time but for me, when I'm camping I prefer to use a stove with a proper set of camping cookware and food that I've planned to last me for the duration of the trip. As I've mentioned elsewhere in the site as well, my food of choice is dehydrated soups and chili, spaghetti sauce, dehydrated fruit etc. I dehydrate these things at home using my own dehydrater. Doing it this way I can make things I know that I like that will serve as a hearty meal as well. When you've taken the time to plan your meals and you've got your cookware and stove together it becomes a sort of a way to have a little luxury on the trail.

If you're the type of person that is using your car or RV for camping then cooking is even easier. Camping in this way you're able to use a cooler to keep your food fresh or even a fridge. You still need to plan though, especially if you plan on using a cooler.

If you and your family are headed to the nearest family campground and you plan on using a cooler you need to have a bit of a safety plan in regard to storing it at night. You DO NOT want to keep it in your tent with you. Many of the family camping sites I've been to have "problems" with bears and other animals. These animals are used to people being around and are therefore less afraid of people. This can cause them to be a danger to you and your family. Follow the recommendations of the campsite as to how to keep your food at night.

When you're camping cooking can be very enjoyable. You simply need the right tools, a good meal plan, and be aware of how to keep your food safe.

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