5 reasons to study in India

Posted by anayashroff2 on June 2nd, 2018

India is world’s largest democracy. It is home to diverse cultures and greatest religions. How can this culturally rich and dynamic country remain behind in providing top class education? India’s education system has gone through a lot of changes with the final result being it emerging as the most competitive and sought after educational hub.

For students residing in India and abroad, here are 5 reasons why you should opt to study further in India.

  1. High ranking institutions

Some of the top IIT, AIIM, engineering, and medical universities can be found here in India. The universities have found places in thetop list of colleges of the world. No matter the course you want to take up, India has no dearth of colleges offering variety of courses.

  1.  study in India loans

As India is aiming to reach the top with its prowess in the educational sector, it cannot do anything about the rising cost of studies. India’s study cost may be too much but it is still less than what is needed to study abroad. To help support students financially, many education loan providers have come up with customized loan schemes. They offer loans that cover all the educational expense of the students at competitive interest rates. Also, they offer flexible and gradual repayment options so the students don’t have any problems repaying back the loan amount.

  1. Affordable cost of living

Cost of education may be expensive but cost of living in India is quite cheap. Students coming from a different country to study in India don’t have to spend too much to live here. The cost of living in any part of the country is absolutely affordable for students. An Indian student living in a different city for studies will have to spend so much less than when going to study abroad.

  1. Friendly cities

This is a highly beneficial aspect for both Indian as well as foreign students. India has over 400 cities, each one having different cultures, traditions and way of living of people. Wherever you go, there will be a sense of belonging and something valuable to take back. Among these, there are some cities thathave made a name for themselves asbeing excellent hosts to students coming from far away to study there. Mumbai is the first name in the list followed by Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, and Hyderabad among others.

  1. Countless work opportunities

Studying in India seldom goes unrewarded. It offers equal opportunities to both native and foreign students in the job segment. Many universities hold placements after the term ends so that the companies can pick right candidates. This saves the bright students from going out there to find a suitable job. Then there are several internships and training programmes available for students to brush up their skill sets, improve their portfolio and ultimately get a well paying job in their desirable field.

       Studying in India has a lot more advantages other than these.

Grab the innumerable opportunities available here.

Get ready to excel; get ready to study in India.


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