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About Proximity Reader

Proximity Reader is a device that makes use of access control system to keep a check on an electronic lock. The proximity reader produces and transmits radio signals like RFID devices with a low frequency that is recognized by a proximity card, which in turn generate access code which is transferred to the central system to check and control the access mechanism.

How does it operate?

Proximity reader is used for granting or restricting both physical and logical access control by the means of proximity cards. Low frequency radio signals are emitted by the proximity reader that are absorbed by the proximity or smart cards. When the smart cards are brought closer or in the read range of the proximity reader, the radio signals transmitted by the reader get absorbed in the coiled antenna inserted in the card. Once the antenna absorbed the signals, it gets powered and it transfers the energy to the microchip placed in the card. Once the microchip gets activated, it produces a code and further transfer the code to the reader. It just takes microseconds for the entire process. Once the reader gets the code, it further transfers the code to the main system to access the access control database to ensure whether the access can be granted or not. Read range of the proximity reader will ensure from how far the proximity card can be used to seek access. Proximity reader size and the antenna have a great influence on the read range as smaller the size of the antenna; its read range is also low. And hence in proximity key fobs, photo ID cards etc., the antenna is smaller in size and thus it led to a decrease of 40 percent in the read range of the reader. Proximity readers can easily be customized as per the requirement and place where it has to be mounted.

Features of Proximity Reader

Proximity card reader can easily be installed as it works on access control mechanism. Proximity Reader is encoded and designed to get codes from the proximity cards. Due to their versatility, they are easy to place and install on walls, gates, office desk and even on the flat surface. They are supplied with rechargeable batteries and also supports battery backup. Proximity readers can even be customized as per the requirement.


Benefits of proximity readers

Proximity readers use simple and convenient access control technology. Proximity cards and proximity readers are hassle free as there is no need of moving parts, no or less maintenance and absence of wear and tear, and no slots requirement. It is easy to install and to be mounted, and it neither tamper nor causes any jam. For reading the proximity card, proximity reader does not require swapping of cards. Proximity reader can recognize the card by placing the card in front of it or its read range. Proximity readers are put in company’s entrance or gates or parking lots and garages.


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