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Posted by limmzhou on June 4th, 2018

But I think a randomized potential-like system would be beneficial. Bad familiars might end up with great, helpful abilities. Though the Maplestory Items exact same logic can be applied backwards, id rather consider the positive effects it could have. Naturally people would need higher grade familiars, which are much more likely to have higher grade abilities. The randomized skills would diversify use so that everybody isnt working with the exact same item (arachnaphobia anyone?) .

Remember that this dosnt randomize their buff. Big Spider nevertheless gives 80% drop, Eye Of Time still gives x2 Maplestory Mesos, so on etc. Only their skills would be random.

There are lots of quest lines from the game that award Mastery Books (20, 30, or both). The problem is that most of them do it in Best place to buy mesos a rather large level. However, the Tynerum quest line that begins at 135 and provides 2 degree 20 and 2 degree 30 books is also very likely to be too late, and the silent crusade awarding a degree 20 book in the end of chapter 3, at level 135, as well.

I see two possible solutions to this issue: Change the quest lines to be reduced level. There will just be a difference between when one completes the prequests and when one can fight the boss. For your Silent Crusade, it could be altered to give the Mastery Book in the conclusion of Chapter 2 (flat 119) instead of Chapter 3 (135).

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