5 Myths of Hearing Aids ? Busted

Posted by Shira Winget on June 4th, 2018

Thanks to advancements in technology and electronics, hearing aids are able to provide a solution for millions of hearing loss sufferers around the world. Compact, lightweight and manufactured with amplifiers and microphones, hearing aids are suitable for both mild and severe hearing loss.

However, there are many myths circulating about hearing aids, including their aesthetics and their capabilities. This article will debunk some of the myths that people have about the current hearing aids available.

Myth – Only the Elderly Need Them

Contrary to popular belief, hearing loss can affect essentially anybody at any time. While it does favour a typically older age group, hearing loss can be experienced in other age groups too. Newborns, young children, teenagers, adults and the elderly can all experience a loss of hearing and require hearing aids for a number of different reasons. Loss of hearing can result after a severe ear infection, illness, trauma, excessive exposure to loud sounds, natural ageing, medications and more.

Myth – They’ll Worsen Your Hearing

People often think that wearing a hearing aid will worsen or even destroy their ability to hear on their own. This is untrue and impossible. Hearing aids are simply microphones that help to amplify the sounds that the wearer is struggling to hear – the higher frequency sounds in particular. However, there are some measures that wearers should take to ensure that the hearing aid is working correctly. In general, it should be maintained and cleaned routinely. It should also be properly fitted by a professional.

Myth – They’re Bulky, Obvious and Uncomfortable

One of the biggest reasons people tend to steer away from hearing aids is the fear that they’re going to look unattractive or noticeable. The current hearing aids available come in a range of styles and types that are discreet, small and lightweight. Most hearing aids are tiny devices with extremely thin tubing that can be completely hidden behind the ear or within the ear canal. They also come in a range of minimalistic designs and colours. Once you try them on, you’ll soon see that hearing aids are no longer bulky and uncomfortable. 

Myth – They’ll Cure Your Hearing Difficulties

Hearing aids can only assist with your hearing; they cannot regain your hearing back for you. Similar to how glasses won’t fix your natural vision, hearing aids should only be recognised as a “help” rather than an eventual remedy. But while they won’t repair your hearing, they will enhance it so that you can socialise and communicate at your best again, enjoy simple pleasures like watching TV, and focus on important conversations and phone calls.

Myth – All Hearing Aids Are the Same

Audiologists and professional hearing aid clinics offer a wide range of hearing aids to choose from, with devices ranging in features and capabilities. Each hearing aid type can offer the wearer different things, so it’s recommended that you obtain advice from a professional to determine which type is best for you. It’s also possible to get a custom hearing aid for your ear to ensure complete comfort and convenience while wearing the device.

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