How to brush up your web design?

Posted by Oaky Web on June 4th, 2018

Though the web design is the solely visible part of a website hence have the prime motive to look great but it is not limit here and designers at Web Design companyhave to effort more to keep competitive and user-friendly. Some of innovative best web design techniques are as follows:

  • Responsive web design

In last couple of years use of mobile phones has been escalated and apart from calling and messaging folks are using it variety of reason, website accessing is one of them. To make a site mobile-friendly a technology named as responsive has been introduced and UX designers at web design and development company work on it to make the complete site responsive for hand held devices. Along with pretty look responsive attribute has to be there in a web design so that the audience can access it on any screen size device.

  • Consistency

Object of using colorful theme is to seek audience attention, hence the designer do several research and development on colors, themes and other part of designing. Consistency in design along with all these efforts is also required to make maintain the design flow from start to end.

  • CSS

CSS plays the major role in website design hence use tips and tricks of CSS from its tutorial to learn the basic, advanced and minutes parts of designing and implement the research in your web art.

  • Navigation system

Navigations system plays a crucial rule in a website. It is use to traverse between various web pages. Hence being a designer you should use perfect navigation system with active links, because when error 404’page not found’displays on the screen, viewer take exit from it that leads loss of data traffic. So you should follow these techniques to make it effective system for your website:

  • Initial navigation should be easier and simple
  • Try to use navigation in footer part of your site
  • There should be link on every page to take return to home page
  • Three should be minimum 3 navigation (Home, previous page, next page) are being used on your site.
  • Web Content

Website content is much different from regular writing. So while putting content on your site keep the users thinking in mind and use similar keywords in your content and meaningful writing style too so that it can be easily accessed and read by everyone.

  • Usability

A web design doesn’t decide the site’s performance but has major role to make it well performed. So keep the objective in mind while designing the site the make it accordingly useable.

  • Spacing

Spacing in objects and elements are essential to make the layout clear because none of us like hotchpotch or massive layout hence use right spacing in between objects.

  • Testing

Testing is used to check the functionality and results of any real or virtual device so is in website, do testing before making site live and if found any bug or error remove it immediately.

Designing a website is not complex but when it is required for business purpose than Web Design Company in Delhi is the great source of it which is master in various designing technique and use them to make a perfect responsive website design for your business.

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