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Genext Students - providing best Private Tuition Teachers in Pune at your doorst

Posted by seoyesweus on June 5th, 2018

24th May, Pune - Ever since the world has been introduced to the Internet, a lot of locked doors have started to open up.

Not even five or six years ago, if somebody in Pune was in need of a private tutor for their children or themselves, they had to rigorously search around different areas. Similarly, if someone was looking for a part-time or a full-time job as a private tutor, he/she had to look everywhere in Pune for students. is a web platform that does the area based search for you and brings the most appropriate tutor as per your requirement at your doorstep.

Unemployment is one of the biggest challenges that India had been facing since the independence of India. Its large population but small vacancies in the government and private sector jobs have made very little difference in solving this problem.

But nowadays lots of independent business has started picking up their pace. Genextstudents is a fresh company like that which has touched such an entrepreneurship benchmark by constantly thriving to create more Teaching Jobs in Pune at and other parts of India.

Due to the rapid industrial and technological advancement, the middle-class people of India have got very familiar with mobile devices. Now that they have all the resources in their hand,

Genext students are aiming to help them search for Tuition Teacher in Pune at via their electronic devices and save them the extra trouble.

Its impact on general mass of Pune has been so positive that thousands of people visit their website or app in search of private tutors every day. Referring to themselves as “Tutorpreneurs”, this company has recently started targeting the teachers in the exterior part of the city of Pune to equip them with better learning tools by introducing a Teacher training program.

The website easily accessible by any search engine and the user interface of this website/app is pretty easy to use.

Aspiring private tutors can sign up for the team for free. After signing in with their respective credentials, the tutors will be asked to set up a teaching staff profile where they will have to provide their degree certificates and qualifications.

Tutors will have to take a proficiency test as per which they will be graded.

Madhu Nandagopala, a permanent member of the teaching staff here says, “It is a wonderful opportunity for me as well as my fellow tutors to work with Genext students”.

For the students, Genextstudents gives free demo classes before appointing a teacher in a permanent position. So far the company has been getting very positive reviews from its employees and customers alike.

The owners of the startup are planning to spread the impact of their tutors and teaching facilities to more areas of our country and also thinking of bringing more advancement in the procedure of teaching by their tutors in order to help out our upcoming generation with the best possible teaching facilities.

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