MTU 2000 m72 Diesel engines for passenger ships and ferries

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For decades, thousands of MTU 2000 m72  Diesel engines have been at sea, in rivers and lakes around the world. They perform reliably and efficiently as main or ancillary drive systems and provide energy as on-board power supply systems. Their performance, power and reliability has been proven time and time again. Their longevity is unmatched. Naturally, all MTU engines comply with the requirements of all relevant classification societies.

Rated power to DIN ISO 3046               ICFN
Rated power max.                  720 (966)kW ( bhp )           
Speed max.                          2250rpm           
Exhaust emission                  50,18,34

Dimensions and masses without gearbox
Length (L)           mm (in)           1370 (53,9)
Width (W)           mm (in)           1130 (44,5)
Height (H)           mm (in)           1200 (47,2)
Mass (dry)           kg (lbs)           0.00 (4365.00)
Dimensions and masses with gearbox
Length (L1)           mm (in)           2080 (81,9)
Width (W)           mm (in)           1130 (44,5)
Height (H1)           mm (in)           1225 (48,2)
Mass (dry)           kg (lbs)           2590 (5710)

Gearbox model                 ZF 2000
Transmission ratio           on request
Engine main data
Bore/Stroke                   135/156 (5,3/6,1)mm (in)           
Cylinder displacement           2,23           
Displacement, total           17,9 (1093) (cu in)           
Intake air temparature           25°C           
Sea water temperature           25°C           
Site altitude above sea level     100m           
Barometric pressure           1000mbar           

Power reduction at 45/32 °C           %           0
Fuel consumption           l/h (gal/h)            183,2 (48,4)          

As a system provider, MTU ensures consistent professional support – from conception through to construction and entry into service, including regular maintenance. We also provide local support, worldwide through MTU ValueCare, whenever and wherever you may need us.

mtu 2000 m72

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