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Benefits of Paper Bags over Polythene and Plastic Bags

Posted by ChinaPaperbags on June 5th, 2018

Bags have a significant impact on our daily lives, importance of which cannot be denied or ignored. Bags make a useful contribution in fulfilling several of our daily necessary activities. However, there would be hardly any person who gives a serious thought towards acknowledging the importance of the China Paper bags in our daily lives.

Of late, due to our eco system being under constant threat, there is awareness amongst the people to make use of eco-friendly products, including bags. This is the reason why people prefer using 100% green and environmental friendly paper bags as compared to polythene bags which pose a great risk to the eco-system. People use and dispose off polythene bags without as much as giving a thought about the serious consequences of their actions.

Several nations and countries, taking a serious note about the declining eco-system and global warming factors, are ensuring a complete ban on plastic and polythene bags, resulting in people turning to using paper bags for their daily needs. Get hold of quality paper bags supplier in China.

But, with paper bags posing problems of not being as durable and tough as its other counterparts like plastic or polythene ones, manufacturers are now making efforts to produce strong and long lasting paper bags, while retaining its eco-friendly factors. These paper bags, although not as strong as plastic or polythene ones, are an ideal substitute for them, sans any side effects.

Manufacturers of paper bags are ensuring of leaving no stone unturned in producing some beautiful and appealing paper bags by making use of state-of-the-art technology and tools. The manufacturers are now focusing on the following features and attributes while producing safe and environmental friendly paper bags.

Wide Range of Designs

Looks of any products are the first thing which attracts people towards them. Therefore, keeping this concept in mind, paper bag manufacturers are offering a wide range of designs and colors of paper bags, for people to choose from. One can now but paper bags which are not only unique but also eye pleasing and attractive. A paper bag supplier will offer a variety of designs.


This is one of the major factors, which manufacturers of paper bags, focus upon. Paper bags should not only be durable and long lasting, but they should be comfortable and convenient to carry as well.

Easy Disposal

Unlike polythene and plastic bags, paper bags are easy and safe to dispose, without as much as causing any harm to soil and the plants.


Cost effectiveness is one of the major reasons as to why people prefer using paper bags thereby making them the much sought after product.

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