Great Money Saving Tips for You

Posted by pinchingpennies on June 5th, 2018

Why does life have to be so expensive? Or maybe it doesn’t, a lot of this circumstance depends on our discipline with money and our priorities of what really matters. If we can learn to focus n the long term and less on instant gratification, saving cash becomes a lot easier. To help you understand this we have come up with some great money saving tips for you.

Try the 30-day rule

Many of the companies that we buy from have a 30 day money-back guarantee, so it gives you ample time to change your mind or return a product or item with a ‘no questions asked’ protocol. Impulse buying can be expensive and most of us don’t like to return items for a refund, even if we know we don’t need or intend to use it!

You can try the 30 day rule, but instead of having 30 days to change your mind after purchasing an item, how about giving yourself 30 days before you buy, then you allow yourself a realistic amount of time to sum up all of the pros and cons etc and could save yourself a lot of money when you realize what you intended to buy isn’t really essential.

Learn to plan your meals on special offers

Food supermarkets run different special offers all of the time, so pick up the leaflets from local stores if they have not been delivered to you. They usually have great discounts on meat, dairy, vegetables, frozen items etc, so you can stock pile things when they are on offer, freeze what you can and load up on less perishable items.

You will also keep your diet varied this way and it will teach you to become more creative in the kitchen. A double win, don’t you think?

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