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Exothermic Welding Procedure: Would meet Your Jointing Requirements

Posted by jmvexim on June 6th, 2018

Sooner or later everyone has faced difficulties in jointing related connections whether it is loosening of joints, corrosion or anything else. But they are unaware from the fact that an effective method of welding which fulfill their needs is also available in the market accepted worldwide namely exothermic welding system. The process is simple, quick and easy unlike mechanical joints. The installation process is also very easy and can be held by following consecutive steps. But firstly wear gloves, shoes and take all other safety measures before starting the reaction.

The steps are shown below:
•    Place the conductors need to be joint into a pre-designed graphite mold.
•    Make sure the conductors as well as the graphite mold must not contain any moisture content.
•    They must be dried and cleaned.
•    Place the small metal disk inside the mold cavity to hold the reaction at upper retort.
•    Empty the JAM WELD powder by pouring it over metal disk.
•    Pour some starting powder over JAM WELD powder to spark the reaction.
•    Close the lid and inflame the starting powder from side by using flint gun.
•    Leave it for 2-3 minutes to melt and then solidify.
•    Open the mold and you will see that a strong joint has been made between conductors.
•    Clean the slag from the conductors and mold using slag removal tool and brush.

Why not to take a onetime solution instead of taking a method that requires maintenance every year? Just install exothermic welding and forget it. The strong molecular bond offers full surface contact and protects joints against humid or chemical environments when buried inside the ground. The bond assures smooth electrical continuity as the joints has crossection greater than the conductors to be joined. The connection does not get affect under extreme fault condition. The ageing free solution provides more life than the life of the conductors. JAM WELD is reliable and portable and it does not require any external power origin. The cost effective solution has the ability to withstand repeated high currents without deterioration.

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