Importance Of Swing Gates In Buildings And Commercial Areas

Posted by faacgatesystems on June 6th, 2018

In today’s fast world we hardly focus on closing the door of shops and other commercial places properly. A swing gate is the one which can be opened and closed by an electrically powered mechanism. These gates are operated by different gate Jack which usually controls the gate by directly moving the pivot point of each gate leaf. This makes the gate leaf swing for up to 180 degrees to open a gate. It is very difficult to open this swing gate and needs a lot of pressure. Swing gates are similarly opening a door by twisting the hinge.


These types of swing gates are made of a motor. These swing gates are to be used in with other security systems to get full protection. These are mainly made of a metal structure. There are many types of electronic doors. Swing doors and electronic slid doors are the two types of electronic doors. Sliding electric gate is to be maintained with a good backup battery in case of mains failure. Sliding doors are mainly recommended if space is an issue. Sliding gates are mainly used in a commercial environment, where an individual has to give no effort to open the doors.

FAAC 402 CBC is a Standard Basic Single Kit, which is used to operate Swing gates. Gate Opener is made up of 1 455D Control Panel, 2 Batteries, 2 FAAC Photocells, 2 XT4 Remotes, and 1 receiver 433 RC Plug-In. The device is used for swing gates up to 10 feet. This can provide 30 cycles per hour. Life cycles of these machines are approximately 1,000,000 which are 10 years @ 280 cycles per day. It requires a power supply of 115 Volts or 230 Volts. This machine is protected with Hydraulic Bypass +Electronic. There are many companies in the market who manufactures these machines.

It also operates for swing gates. They are mainly used for residential purpose. Maximum Leaf Length of this machine is 3m (415) and 4m (415L). This also has anti-crush features. This FAAC 415 LS protected by the Virtual encoder on 24V systems. This is also a single gate motor. It has the capacity of Max 3000mm. which is 300kg approx. An Emergency battery system is also provided to ensure easy flow of operation in case of power cut. This machine has a die-cast aluminium body. Double coating is done to ensure longer life of the material. This provides maximum safety when an individual is out for travel. The Manual release device is also installed with key-protected activation. There are many manufacturers in the market who provide a good quality of these machines. These machines are highly tested before sale.

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