How to pick the best pedicure chairs for your spa salon?

Posted by Alex on June 6th, 2018

Choosing pedicure chairs is usually a process of identifying the chair that suits your individual requirements such as style, features and of course price. It's better to do a little research before making your final decision. The simple spa chairs are often a little bit more than padded seats. And most of them a screwed into the ground. If we speak about some advanced options, they come with heat or massage capabilities. Some of them even include video or audio programming and controls. You will need to think about how easy the tubs and connected tubing on your pedicure chairs will be to cleaned and sanitized. Usually, the best spa chairs should fit your salon or spa in terms of style and budget.

Research all available options

The market for pedicure chairs doesn't change very intensive. Some salon owners can get good discounts while buying chairs and other supplies online. But until you don't know the particular brand or model very well, it’s better to see the spa chairs in real life. Or at least call a service representative about the features of a given product and how it's similar to and different from other models.

Observe as many chairs as you can in many different salons. This will give you a perspective of how long customers usually stay in the chairs and whether they seem comfortable or not. If there are some trade shows in your area you may be able to try out various models for yourself as well.

Organize a premium level of comfort

Comfort is definitely the most important feature in any pedicure chair. Sometimes it necessarily depends on the level of service you provide. Express pedicures are different from spa services that can take an hour or more. And the type of chairs that work best are different from those used in private pedicure suites. Thinking about your ideal customer and the feelings you want to provide him. It will help you to make the best choice.

Material is second important aspect if we speak about the comfort. Soft leather is the most popular chair cover, but it's also the most expensive. Synthetic materials can be more economical, but they sometimes can cause irritation or adverse reaction.

Massage Features

Most of the common spa chairs have massage features, controlled by the user. The specific options depend upon chair model, but the basic idea here is to provide stress relief and relaxation effects that many pedicure clients want. Simple massage options usually include neck rubbing nodules, sometimes they feature full back support and lumbar vibrations. The higher-end models are usually incorporated with heat.

Filtration and pump connections

Water filtration and drainage is a very important consideration. The lower-end chairs have piped tubs that usually don't drain completely, trapping residue from the previous pedicure session. It can result in an environment that could breed bacteria and promote infection. No matter how ergonomic and comfortable your pedicure chairs are, your customers could run away if they noticed any sort of unsanitary water!

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