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Worldwide when laws are amended to facilitate women to have an abortion, then it is required to make them aware of the best abortion methods so that they are aware of the consequences. Normally there are two types of abortion that we are talking about and that has been approved by FDA and told to be safe as well as secure. One is the surgical abortion that includes a surgical procedure with surgical tools and also anesthesia the other method and the most common method is the natural abortion that is done with the help of the abortion medicines. This type of abortion is being widely accepted by women because of its ease at home abortion procedure along with high efficacy rate and we also get affordable abortion pills online.

The two essential abortion pills Mifepristone and Misoprostol that has been approved by FDA are presented in a new pill pack. This Abortion Pill Pack along with the pregnancy termination pills contains the secondary pills which few of the women require to manage severe outcomes during their abortion process. Normally the pregnancy termination pills are safe to have at home abortion.

The descriptions of the pills are given below:

Mifepristone abortion pill

This is the first abortion pill that is required to be taken to start the procedure for abortion. This is the anti-progestin pill that helps in the termination process by blocking the progesterone hormone. In this Abortion Pill Pack, we have only one pill of Mifepristone present. This pill is supposed to be taken orally with the help of the water and should be taken as a whole without crushing or breaking it.

Misoprostol abortion pill

This is the synthetic prostaglandin medication that helps in the process of abortion by contracting the uterus and diluting the entire pregnancy parts and then pushes it through the widened cervix. There are 4 pills of Misoprostol pill present in this pack which is meant to be taken buccally and is supposed to be taken in the cheek pouch and then allowed to dissolve with the saliva once this completely dissolves you can take a glass of water.

You can also buy online Abortion Pill from stores which sell Mifepristone and Misoprostol kit separately. If you are taking the exact dosage as mentioned in this pill pack then you can terminate your pregnancy when it is in the gestation period of 9 weeks or lesser.

The other pills present in Abortion Pill Pack are:

Zofran or Ondansetron antiemetic pill:

This pill helps in controlling any nauseous feeling or the feeling of vomiting during the process of abortion. You can take this pill just before taking the Misoprostol pills so that you do not vomit the pills out.

Flexon –MR anti-inflammatory pill:

This pill is the pain management pill that helps in controlling the pain during the process of abortion. This pill is also helpful in controlling the body temperature and prohibits the outbreak of fever during any time.

Ethamsylate pill:

This is the blood coagulation that helps in controlling the blood flow in the body during the termination process so that you do not face any excess loss of blood other than the needed vaginal discharge.

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