Many Alternative Uses of Latex Balloons

Posted by Joy sam on June 7th, 2018

If you think balloons are only used as a cliched decorative piece in a party or wedding, think again. Though many people buy wholesale latex balloons mostly for the purpose of decorating an event such as a wedding or a party, there are many other situations where simple latex balloons can be put to use. Ask any event designer about the uses of balloons and chances are that you will find hundreds, if not thousands. If used innovatively in an event or a party, these balloons can really enhance the look and ambience of the event. Well, here are some of the alternative uses of balloons apart from their uses in the events or birthday party:

Chilling beverages
If you have extra balloons with you, fill them with water or any cold beverage, tie them off, and put them in the refrigerator and leave it there. After few hours, you can have a tasty ice bucket.

Waterproofing electronics
 Ever thought of balloons as a waterproofing material? Well, latex balloons are a terrific waterproofing material and can be used to protect your electronic devices such as smartphone from rain and moisture. Just open the neck or the balloon and drop your phone inside it and there you go.

Abstract art
If you are an artist and looking for a good option to create an abstract art, balloons got you covered. Just fill the balloons with different colors and spread a white sheet or use a wall and just rip the balloons up.

Pen grips
If you are a student or a someone who often uses a pen, you may very well understand the difficulty a slippery pen brings. But with latex balloons in hand, you can actually have a perfect solution. Just cut the neck of the balloon and stretch it up to the pen grip and have a perfect grip.

DIY stuff
If you are someone with an artistic mind, you can use balloons to create a lot of DIY projects such as Lamp covers, whistleblower, home decor, bowl decor and so on. 
In a nutshell

If you have bought latex balloon in wholesale and ran out of ideas to where can you use these balloons apart from the event, or a party, these uses mentioned above of balloons are applicable to the daily life and can be fun to use. After all, balloons were not just meant to be a decorative piece.

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