Path of Exile?s Incursion League is Live

Posted by kuailai99 on June 7th, 2018

 Free to play action RPG poe exalted has seen the launch of its newest League “Incursion”. Log in today, create a new character and attempt to down an ancient Vaal temple laden with treasures. Incursion League is unique because it sees players meeting Alva Valai, an explorer who opens a gateway to the past to locate Atzoatl.

The temple is relatively young at that point and players will spawn in a random room for a limited time. Killing enemies sustains their presence in the past and when the timer runs out, loot can be collected. There is a twist though.

Each one of Alva’s appearances takes you to a new room and offers the opportunity to change the temple, unlocking doors, killing Architects (with the other free to shape the room if left alive) and eventually finding its location in the present. From there, you storm the temple and collect the best loot. Heading to the same room during an incursion will allow it to be upgraded multiple times. Have you tried the Incursion League yet? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments

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