Cryptocup ? what is it?

Posted by rohny01 on June 8th, 2018

Crypto Cup is based on the network of Ethereum enabling clients to purchase a token symbolizing to a group in the 2018 World Cupgst the among the knockout stages, the proprietor of the group's Smart Contract token will get ETH payouts as their group advance through each round.

Is this a blockchain game?

Yes, this is for certain a blockchain game actually that has been designed like a smart contract! And also it is made over the Ethereum blockchain for the general people. This can be seen by anyone who wants to see, just with the help of a code given!

CryptoCup gives chances to profit in two diverse routes; by exchanging World Cup groups and procuring ETH, or by winning a portion of the prize reserve through the knockout stages, if anyone purchases, if you make money each deal adds more ETH to the prize fund prizes, are settled before the knockout round starts prices paid out toward the finish of knockout matches world Cup champ will net very nearly half of the store contract.

Well, the matter of fact is that this smart contract can further be divided into multiple parts to understand what it actually is? Nevertheless, you can also have an idea that through this how the payouts and the prizes are computed. Nonetheless, every of the token is tailored and can be modified, just as the user wants- tokens are made according to their needs and demands!

How do players earn?

Yes, this may be interesting part for you! The players get the points as soon as they contrast and evaluate their forecast set with the actual to result. Luckily the ones who have more points are the winners and they are able to get the prizes. This is set by the intelligent contract system.

Another best thing that the Cryptocup is that amid the World Cup 2018, players can trade their forecast tokens with different clients in an auxiliary market. A few players will have the capacity to set the cost of their Cryptocup token and offer it before the competition finishes, while others might be keen on theorizing on future prizes.

As previously mentioned, for now, the game is only available in the Ethereum test network, so there are real rewards; but it allows interested people to get acquainted with Cryptocup.

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