4 Simple Tactics to Incorporate Benches into your New Rooftop Restaurant

Posted by Naveen Jain on June 8th, 2018

There is something about this time of the year that makes the idea of heading towards the rooftop restaurants. Rooftop restaurants are gaining popularity. Well, why wouldn’t it? The natural view with a glass of wine or a steamy cup of coffee in hand is the perfect way to end up a day.

Are you are thinking about how your restaurant can be a stand out? Then stop worrying as I have mentioned some of the trendy ideas of including benches in your restaurant.

Benches are the ongoing trend and are ruling the hearts of interior designers as these are captivating, simple, amazing yet effective. Thisoften-overlooked furniture unit, ‘bench’, will provide a stylish decor to the open space and also give the customers comfortable spot to enjoy the environs.

A wooden bench is a kind of marvellous seating furniture that offers more practical seating arrangement than individual chairs do. Benches are the traditional furniture units that have regained their importance in a whole new way and have become a favourite arrangement in the outdoor as well as interior formal dining restaurant.

If you are a new owner of a lovely rooftop, then look for these benches online with beautiful tufted patterns, ultra-comfortable cushioned seats and curved armrests, which are ready to set a top-notch level of elegance in your designated area.

Here are some smart ways of using benches in a restaurant. Take a look and beautify the decor of the space.

1. Use benches in the waiting area:
Well, a restaurant always has a waiting area whether it’s big or small, a bench is here to save it from looking uninteresting and dull.

Remember, when the customer enters your restaurant he/she might look for the interior and ambience first, and as a famous saying is ‘the first impression is the last'. Hence, make the waiting area a style statement. Including benches will make it look classic and inviting.
Customers can wait in the queue comfortably without any strain. You can even place an ottoman or pouffe; this will give a more luxurious look.

2. Use the gorgeous benches available online as a divider:
As in the rooftop restaurant, we have unwalled area except for the boundaries. We are left with an open floor plan that looks plain and regular. Thus, with the placement of upholstered wooden benches, back-to-back in a trail can help us create divisions.

Hence, it will make the restaurant look flawless, defined and bold. Use decorative lights and feature beautiful plants across them as plants are a great way to enhance the area.
This will not only give a defined functional look to the area but can also be used when there are a lot of customers in the restaurant, or there is a party organised.

3. The love bench, a perfect selfie corner:
You can create a selfie booth in your restaurant. This will be a great idea to increase popularity among the youngsters.

Place a bench and throw decorative pillows with funky taglines written on them. This will be the place where couples or friends can come and enjoy taking a beautiful selfie. Give them a discount on their next visit when they post a picture on Instagram and include your restaurant name in the hashtag.

4. A perfect seating arrangement with the bench and chair:
Purchase a bench without back support and armrest online as this will help you create best seating place which is different than usual settings in the traditional restaurants.
Arrange a gorgeous wooden coffee table with benches around at different areas in the rooftop restaurants.

These not only provide a well-organised look but also give the area a luxurious, sophisticated appeal.

Buy a bench online that has textured fabric and tufted patterns, and bestow a touch of elegance to the space.


Benches are beautiful and are a great seating place for your customers. From imparting the primary seating option in the abode to add a unique touch to the restaurant, they just form the place with functional benefits.

Buy benches online and add a friendly and welcoming zone anywhere in your restaurant. You will find excellent wooden bench designs online in various styles, fabrics and materials.
So, get rid of the usual stuff and make an amazing entry for your restaurant with this fantastic piece of furniture. This will help uplift the ambience of the place in seconds.
Include these simple tactics to involve benches in the rooftop restaurant. 
So, use these few ways and add a new twist to your rooftop decor with a bench.

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