How to Protect Phone Privacy? 4 Tips for Phone Security

Posted by private text messaging on June 8th, 2018

Celebrities and politicians aren’t the only ones who have to worry about hackers breaking into and prying eyes looking through their phones. Phones play a more and more important role in our life as we use phones for many daily activities such as making phone calls, send text messages, taking photos and videos and browse websites. However, the surveillance activities are greatly increasing all around the world with data retention laws being implemented and the one who you trust and lend your phone to can snoop your privacy.

Here are the tips for protecting phone privacy:

Set strong passwords for your phone

Do not use weak passwords such as consecutive number sequences like “12345678” and repeated numbers like “111111”. Avoid obvious passwords like your birthday or spouse’s, name or capital letters of your first and last name.

Be careful of Bluetooth

Do not unprotected Bluetooth networks. Keep Bluetooth off and turn it on when you are actually using it. Make sure “Discoverable” mode is disabled to prevent others from discovering it by scanning for available devices.

Use an encrypted calling & texting app

Regular calls and texts are delivered through unprotected networked and be intercepted easily. An encrypted app secures your conversations from hackers and surveillance. CoverMe is a secure calling and texting app supporting end-to-end encryption. By encrypted data transmission tech, calls and texts between CoverMe users are highly protected. Besides, there will be no call and text logs on phone bill. Private calls & texts are totally safe.

Lock files and data with extra passwords

Import confidential data, important files, private photos and videos into CoverMe Private Vault. Users can create different folders to manage all kinds of files, each with a pattern-lock. Don’t just leave your credit card numbers and passwords in a note on your phone where they can be easily found. It’s better to keep them in the vault with extra security.

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