How to Change the Name and Icon of a Messaging App on iPhone

Posted by private text messaging on June 8th, 2018

Messaging apps plays an indispensable role in our daily life as it is one of the most popular ways to keep in touch with families and friends, share our feelings and thoughts, maybe manage work and business. As a result, the messages we exchange with others are very important personal information which should be kept safe from prying eyes. However, the safety of private messages has evoked concerns among us. When we left our phones on the desk, or lend them to others, we may worry what if others look through our messages. Deleting all the messages is one of method to protect our privacy but for some reason, we need to keep messages. For example, the messages with close friends or lovers are sweet memories so we want to keep them on the phone, or some messages remind us of some must-to-dos.

To overcome the problem, the best way is to change the name and icon of a messaging app so others won’t notice it when they look at your phone. How to change the name and icon of a messaging app? Some messaging apps themselves allows users to do so without any other extra tools, CoverMe, for example.

CoverMe is an ultimate privacy protecting app to safeguard all kinds of phone privacy, including messages, calls, photos, videos, passwords and any other files. It allows users to send messages with no worry about prying eyes. It has multi-layer of protection. The icon and name of the app can be changed, making them unnoticeable. When others see it, they won’t realize that it is a messaging app. Prying eyes won’t be interested to it. The steps to change the name and icon are as follows:

Download CoverMe from the App Store or Google Play

Sign up an account

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